Monday, August 20

Packing again

Well Tyler and I made it home from Michigan safely. He did very well on the plane and even slept during one of the plane rides. I was excited about that! We had a lot of fun on our vacation and he got lots of time with his grandparents.

We are closing on our new house this Friday!!! We can't wait! We have plans for painting and taking down a little bit of wallpaper on Friday and then we are moving in Saturday morning! Meanwhile I am packing.....again! But hopefully this will be the last pack for awhile. It is a little easier since some things are still packed and before we moved here we "weeded" out all the stuff we didn't need.

On another note I wanted to share some pictures from last week. My dad invited us to come to his work and watch a Chinook helicopter land in front of their building. Here is the newspaper article on it. Despite the heat (102 degrees!!! I'm not kidding), I decided to take Tyler to watch. He was so excited here are a few pictures!
He just loved it so much. He was saying "copter, copter!!" and pointing and making that big face with his mouth open. Just too cute! Such a little boy!

Then I was surprised, but they let us all go and walk up to it.

My dad was part of the program so when they landed him, his boss, and a congressman got to go into the helicopter and greet the pilots.
Grandpa got to show off his grandson.

And Tyler got to shake one of the pilots hand!

Now every time he hears a loud noise outside he runs to the window and says "copter!?!?"

So cute!