Wednesday, January 30

100 Days!

Do you see the baby ticker at the top?? It says I only have 100 days to go!! Can you believe it? Mike and I were just realizing this weekend that we only have 3 months left before this baby gets here....well for me a little over 3 months I'm sure.

This baby sure is active! Seems like he/she wakes up when I want to go to sleep though.

Tyler is very aware of my growing belly. He definitely knows that there is a baby in there and gives it hugs and kisses all the time. Last night he even fed the baby with some of his play food and then pretended to give it a drink. Too cute!

Doctor appointments have been going well. I had the glucose test last week and everything came back normal so that's a blessing! I don't know if I could give up chocolate! My weight gain seems to be good and hopefully I won't be gaining as much as I did with Tyler.

pregnancy cartoon

This cartoon pretty much describes me lately! I guess I'm not the only one...that's comforting!


Sunday, January 27

Scrap Update

Are you wondering if I've been keeping up on my challenge?? Well the answer is yes! I can hardly believe it myself, but I've been scrapbooking a layout a day for the month of January. I have less than a week to go!

Last Saturday I went to an all day crop in Tennessee with the SIS girls! It was so much fun and I enjoyed a day dedicated to scrapbooking and girl time! Leah took a real good picture of the 5 of us who went together from our local scrap group.

We got a bag full of goodies at the crop.

And I bought a few goodies too!

We played two scrapbooking "games." The first one is Round Robin. I sat down at a table with 4 other girls and we start scrapbooking with a picture and some paper and work on the layout for 5 minutes and then pass it to the person next to us who has 5 minutes to put their touch on it. And it goes around the whole table until it comes back to you. I loved doing it!

Here how my layout ended up.
We also played another game where we picked out a picture and another lady picked out 3 to 5 scrapbooking products that we could use and then we added one other product to it. I then had 20 minutes to complete a layout.

I really like how this turned out.

Jamie and I are now scrapbook accountability partners! We met a week ago and discussed our goals for this year. We are working week by week to keep a handle on our picture organization and getting "caught up" with scrapbook projects. I love having a goal to work towards each week and feeling like my hobby has a purpose!

Here are a couple of my favorite pages I have done this past week.

I did these two a couple weeks ago.

You can see more in my scrapbook folder to the right or on my SIS profile.

I hope I didn't overload you with scappiness! :)


Wednesday, January 16

Birthday Fun

Well we had a great birthday with Tyler yesterday.
Grandpa Bob, Grandma Angie, Jordan, and even Tyler's little friend Hailey came over for presents and cake. Yes, he got spoiled with more presents!

One of the favorites from the night was this camera. He kept going up to every one saying "cheese." Maybe he will take after his Aunt Shell and be a photographer. He sure does like to click that button.

My friend Jamie gave me a great idea for this present and it was another favorite with Tyler and Hailey! It is a microphone that plays music and they both were taking turns singing to it.

I'm sure we will have some video of Tyler singing with this soon! It's too cute!

Then it was time for birthday cake!!

(Which Tyler helped bake earlier that day)

I'm this many....TWO! Which he proudly pronounces "tttoooo!"

After singing we let Tyler try to blow out the candle.

Big breath and....BLOW!!!

He did it!! All by himself! And he was proud too.

It was a great 2nd birthday.
Tyler missed his Grandma's, and Grandpa, and Aunts, and Uncles that couldn't be with him this year, but he sure did enjoy all the phone calls.
Thanks guys!

Tuesday, January 15

Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

Happy Birthday

Tyler is 2 years old today!!

We are having the festivities later tonight...cake and presents!! I'll post pictures tomorrow!

Friday, January 11

Bubbles and a Bear Coat

Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles! Tyler loves bubbles! Anytime we are outside he usually has bubbles in his hands.

We were in the store yesterday and I was looking in the toy section (for b-day ideas), and I saw a bunch of cute bubble toys. Well Tyler saw them too. He screamed for those bubbles the next 10 minutes. Maybe it's an obsession??

He even got this cute bubble lawnmower from Aunt Shell and (soon to be uncle) Chris. Bubbles and a lawnmower in one, can't get any better than that!

I was trying out some different settings on my camera and just had to take some pictures of Tyler in his cute bear coat.

When he knows it's time to go he asks to put his "bbeerrr cooatt" on. Then after it's on (with the hood up) he runs to the mirror to look at himself and touch the little ears on top. Sometimes he even growls at himself. Too cute!

He also has to give us bear hugs when he's wearing it!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 9

Scrapbook Challenge

I decided to get in on a challenge over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. It is called Get a Load of This! The challenge is to complete one layout a day during the month of January. Since I haven't been scrapbooking much since I got pregnant I thought this may kickstart my hobby back into gear. It has done just that!! Now that I am feeling better my love of scrapbooking has returned.

Here are a few of my favorites I have completed.

You can see these and others I have done lately here.

I went to a crop this past Friday night and had a lot of fun with the girls! I'm looking forward to an all day crop next Saturday. A couple of girls and I are driving to Tennessee to get together with some others from SIS!!! I can't wait!


Monday, January 7


We have a new 'nano' here, and no it's not an iPod.

Grandpa Bob passed down his piano to us. It is a great addition to our living room (currently the only piece of furniture in there). While everyone was here for Christmas we had the guys move it into the house. Tyler sure likes it!

Tyler wanted Uncle Matt to play with him all the time. "Unnn MaTTT!!! NANO!!!!" He would yell and point wanting Matt to sit right next to him.

He is pretty gentle with the keys....thank goodness! He uses his fingers and usually only presses one at a time. Looks like we may have a little pianist on our hands. Now if only we had someone to teach him, Mike and I have no piano knowledge at all.


Tuesday, January 1

Happy New Year!

So much has gone on this past year for us it seems that it just flew by! This time last year we had no plans of being where we are now and we have enjoyed experiencing the Lord work in our lives. We are looking forward to see what He is going to do for our family in this coming year!

We hope you all have a "Great 2008!"
Love the Taylors