Monday, June 30

Detroit Zoo

We took Tyler to the Detroit Zoo one day we were in Michigan. It was also my first time there. It was a nice day, not too hot, and we enjoyed walking around to see all the animals. We were so glad that Uncle Matt came with us. Tyler did not want to get into his stroller so Matt helped by keeping up with him and giving him shoulder rides. As you know, Tyler does not walk, he runs!

I got so many pictures while we were there, so I decided to put them into a collage. You can click on it to see a larger version.
The coolest part was seeing the polar bears swimming underwater. They came right up to the glass!

Saturday, June 28

Playground Fun

While we were in Michigan we went up to the park in Pinckney. Tyler loves exploring new playgrounds!
He just runs from one thing to another.
His favorite thing on this playground was definately the firetruck!
It was a nice evening to be outside! Kalen liked watching her brother play! Pretty soon she will be out there right along with him.
Tyler is still doing well on the potty training. Only one accident in the past three days!

Thursday, June 26

"Potty Mommy Potty"

That's what Tyler woke up saying this morning.
Tyler has been going on the potty this week and we are on day three in big boy "unneerwear." Here he is showing off his Car's undies.Tyler gets a sticker on his sticker chart everytime he goes potty.He love's stickers (especially these Nemo one's I found at the dollar spot) so this is working out well for us.As you can see he hasn't tried poo poo on the potty yet, but we will get there!

Wednesday, June 25

Wedding Pictures

We are home after our week vacation in Michigan. It was nice to visit with family and friends.

The wedding went well, but Tyler did not make it down the aisle. He did so well at the rehersal and was good on that day up until 5 minutes before the wedding started. He had a tantrum in the waiting room! YIKES! We tried so hard to get him to calm down, but being at the church for 2 hours before and not having a nap that day there was no stopping it. Oh well, at least we got him in the pictures.

Here is one of him in his vest and tie...he looked so handsome!
This is a pre-meltdown picture.
Here is the bride waiting for the wedding to start! Michelle looked so beautiful all done up!
My mom and I at the reception.
Kalen with her daddy. She looked so cute in her pink dress!
Mike and I loved showing her off to all our family members!
I'll post some more pictures of our trip in the next few days.

Tuesday, June 10

Little Angel

I took a few pictures of Kalen on Sunday in her Angel shirt.
She really is an angel, so far, we will see what happens when she turns two!
This last one looks a little like she is smiling.
She actually smiled for "real" today. It was the first time that I knew she was smiling at me and it wasn't just gas or something. I got her to smile twice in a row and then she just did it again this afternoon. On Thursday she will be one month old, it doesn't feel like it's been that long. I can't believe how big she is getting! Kalen is also going on her first road trip to Michigan on Thursday. We are going for Mike's sister's wedding. It will be Kalen's first time meeting her Grandma Jan, Aunt Meagan, Uncle Matt, Aunt Shell, and soon to be Uncle Chris! We are excited to show her off to all our Michigan friends!

So I will probably be out of blogger world for a little while! Tyler is the ring bearer in the can pray that he behaves and makes it down the aisle and through the service with no tantrums! He will look cute in his little vest and Kalen has a new dress for the occasion, so I'm sure we will get some good pictures. I will post them when we get home!

Tuesday, June 3

3 Weeks

Kalen turned 3 weeks old yesterday!

She is getting bigger every day! She had a check-up with Dr. Jeff on Friday and weighed in at 8lbs 12oz! When she left the hospital she was 7lbs 5oz, so he said that she was doing great. She is 21.5 inches long now too. She will be able to fit into all her cute outfits in no time!

People keep telling me that she looks like Tyler did, and he looks like Mike, so I think she may take after her dad's good looks. Which is fine with me! Her hair is getting lighter, so she may end up with my blonde hair.

Kalen has so far been a good baby. She is sleeping great and only waking me up once in the middle of the night. She has her moments in the afternoon/evenings where she wants to be rocked, but other than that she's been great! I have been enjoying cuddling with her. Tyler doesn't like to cuddle anymore, so I am going to take cuddles with Kalen while I still can!