Friday, March 26

Spring Fever

Scrapbooking with the March kit from Paper Posies is really giving me spring fever. Thankfully the weather seems to be warming up! When I saw this kit I printed out all my favorite Easter pictures from last year and got scrappin’!

Dying Eggs

Those little eggs are too cute!

Dying Eggs-1

This next one is simple, I think I may leave it out in a frame in the living room for a couple weeks.


One of my handsome little man!



This one of Kalen is going in her first year book. I can’t believe she is already almost 2!!

First Easter

I tried something new and made this folded flower. I really like how it turned out.

First Easter-2

Love these pictures of the kids! Tyler was too sweet giving Kalen kisses!

too cute

These little butterflies are so cute!


Would you believe that I still have more stuff from this kit? I am planning on using a divided page protector to put all the Egg Hunting pictures in and using some accents on that. Then maybe make a couple cards for this Easter.

Are you in the mood for Spring yet?

Wednesday, March 24

St. Patrick’s Day

Last week the kids and I got all dressed up in our green and headed out to the St. Patrick’s Day parade downtown.


It was a little cold this year, so we had to keep our jackets on.


Tyler loves a parade and he was very excited for this one!


Our favorite part was the little green dog! So cute!!

Afterwards we went to get some Chicken and Fries (as the kids say) with Daddy.

IMG_1532a IMG_1542

I had to get a few pictures of the kids when we got home.




I hope this will be a tradition for many years to come!

Monday, March 15

It’s Over

Well the contest at Memorable Seasons is over now. I was able to get in 3 of the 5 challenges. You already saw the first one, here are the other two I did.

This one was called Mini Buffet. You had to make a layout or mini album about a favorite restaurant, food, dessert, snack, drink, or recipe. I did this one about Tyler and Grandpa being silly with Lemons!


This next one was a little tricky.  It was called, "Where's the Beef,” and here were the details.
Don't be chicken...beef up your albums with a two-page layout.
The menu for this bonus meal includes:
1. Main Meal (Two-page layout): Beef is brown, so include the color brown somehow on your layout.
2. Served on your best China Patterns: Pick 3 pattern papers to use on your layout.
3. Beverage will be Punch: Use a punch or die cut on your layout.
4. Sugary Dessert of your Choice: Add some "sugar" to your layout with glitter or gemstones, your choice.

I haven’t done a double layout in a LONG time, but I rolled up my sleeves and got to work!

Mill Pond-double

Here they are separately.

Mill Pond-1

Mill Pond-2

I have to say that the contest did “jump start” my scrapbooking again. I have done 5 additional layouts and 2 cards since I started this a month ago. I am planning on sharing those soon! :)

Saturday, March 13

Pizza Boy

Last week, Tyler got to go on a field trip to Domino’s and learn how to make pizza! He was sooooo excited, especially when he learned that Daddy used to make and deliver pizza’s when he was in high school and college.

First: Spread the dough out.IMG_1455

Second: Put the pizza sauce on.IMG_1456

Third: Smile for Mommy.IMG_1458

Fourth: Sprinkle the cheese on.IMG_1460

Fifth: Choose the toppings and spread them on. Tyler picked pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese. Which is funny because he hasn’t been wanting any of that on his pizza lately.IMG_1463

Sixth: Put in the “perfect pizza oven” to cook.IMG_1466

Seventh: Try and wait patiently for the pizza to come out the other side.IMG_1468

Tyler had such a good time, and I really enjoyed taking him! He was a very good boy and did such a great job. Afterwards we went to play with friends and eat our pizza. Daddy met us for lunch and Tyler was so excited to share his pizza with him, maybe that’s why he put all those toppings on.

Where was Kalen?IMG_1452She stayed out of the way in her stroller, but she wasn’t too happy about that. Maybe next time girlie! 

31 Already?


Who says you’re balding?? Look at those luscious locks!

Love you baby!

Happy Birthday!