Wednesday, May 20

The Presents (and the last birthday post)

After cake (and a quick bath for Kalen) we opened presents! Kalen was interested for only a little bit, so we had to work fast! 12-Kalen's Birthday presentsShe got a lot of great gifts and a TON of clothes! I think the clothes are more a gift for me though, I love dressing her up all cute! :) Thanks to everyone for the gifts, she has already worn some of the clothes and loves the toys!

Tuesday, May 19

The Cake

Kalen had her own mini cake with her name on it and everything.IMG_5529 She loved when we sung her Happy Birthday and clapped when we finished.IMG_5623 We tried to get her to blow out the candle, but she was just trying to touch it so Tyler and I helped.IMG_0104a Then we stripped her down and let her go at it! This was her first taste of cake and chocolate…I think you’ll be able to tell from the pictures that she liked it!IMG_0137a IMG_0135aIMG_0139a

She must have a love for chocolate like her mom! Look at that face!!IMG_0140aIMG_0144She made a mess and loved every bit of it! Mission Accomplished!!!IMG_0157Sending my thanks to Jamie! She took almost all of these pictures!!

Monday, May 18

A Polka Dot Party

Sorry I was going to post sooner, but our internet has been out!

I decided to go with a pink/green Polka Dot theme for Kalen’s party. It was so fun planning a “girly” party! I already can’t wait for next year! Here are some pictures of the decor.Decor I think she liked it! And plus her dress matched perfectly :)Friends&FamilyGrandpa Bob, Grandma Angie, Ms. Yvonne, Hailey, Mr. Josh, Mrs. Jamie, Caleb, Nate, and Emma Lee all came to celebrate with us! We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and played outside for a little bit.

The cupcakes were a big hit with the kids and Kalen loved her little cake! I have more pictures from that, but I think it needs a post of it’s own, so I’ll be back soon with those!

Wednesday, May 13

Birthday Girl

Here are a few pictures of the Birthday Girl just before her party.IMG_5561aIMG_5555aIMG_5541a  Big Brother had to get in a kiss!IMG_5566a IMG_5572a Mom had to steal a kiss too! There’s nothin like those big sloppy kisses! :)IMG_5575aIMG_5589aDaddy’s little girl! IMG_5588bI am still editing and will have pictures from the party up soon! I just wanted to share these, I know the Grandparents are dying to see something!

Monday, May 11

Almost One

I changed the blog template in honor of Kalen’s Birthday tomorrow. I can’t believe that my little girl is turning one! Here she is taking her first sip of milk.

IMG_5343a IMG_5344a

We are having a small party for her tomorrow night!

Kalen_Page_1 I’ll be sure to post lots of pictures!

Friday, May 1

Happy May!!

For May I think of sunny weather and flowers! Not today, it’s gloomy outside. So I won’t be posting any pictures of pretty outdoor landscaping or anything. I guess you will just have to settle for some scrap pages :)

These I did at my mother’s house when we were there in March.

Our Family 6 years together

These next two were just quick and easy, but I love the pictures and the stories behind them.

Everyday Moments Let's Play

And can you believe I made another layout with this kit?? It is one of my favorites! I love these pictures of Tyler and his Uncle Matt and the sweet story that goes with it!


I still have more pages to share, but I’ll save them for another time! I have been in a scrappin groove!! ;) By the way, our new challenge starts today over at Real Life Scraps!! Come join us!!