Monday, November 26

Thanksgiving wrap-up

We hope y'all had a good Thanksgiving, we sure enjoyed it! I had my mom and sister visiting from Michigan and made my first ever Thanksgiving dinner (with mom's help of course). Everything turned out great and we ate a lot!
Meagan helped with the potatoes.

Mom testing the food.

Mike watching the Lions.

Even Tyler helped with the cleanup.

Here are a couple pictures of the table decorations.

Of course the day after thanksgiving we got up to go shopping, we didn't up too early though, left about 6 am. I got some shopping done, but still need a few more ideas. I also got some decorations up. It was nice to have my mom's help and another "woman's" eye. (Mike thinks things look good anywhere).

In other news I have started to feel the baby move around in my belly these past few days. It has been exciting to actually start to 'feel' pregnant. I have been popping out a little more's not fun finding clothes to wear. My maternity clothes are still too big and my regular clothes are too tight. I guess I'm in that awkward stage. I'm 4 months now only another 6 to go!!

Hope everyone is getting into the holiday season!


Wednesday, November 14

Fall is Here

Well fall has definitely shown up around here. It has been cooler, our yard is filled with leaves, and the colors are beautiful! This weekend we decided to take advantage of the beauty and headed up Green Mountain for a hike. They have a nice trail up there we got a lot of nice pictures.
Here is a picture of the covered bridge along the trail.

Tyler loved running on the trail, we had to keep an eye on him though. He would try to go close to the lake to touch the water and when the trail sloped down he ran so fast that I could not keep up.

Once we got to the bridge Tyler thought it was very neat. He loved to look out the windows.

There were a lot of geese in the lake and there were people throwing bread for them to eat. They even let Tyler throw a few pieces. He kept saying "quack, quack...hi ducks." Then when he heard them "honk" he thought it was so neat and laughed the next time they did it.
They had a little fall scene at the entrance of the park where we took a couple pictures.

We hope that you are enjoying your fall season, we sure are! Weekends like this remind me why fall is my favorite season of the year.


Wednesday, November 7

Six Years Together

This past weekend was our 6th wedding anniversary! I can't believe it's already been that long. We were able to go out to dinner together, alone, and ate at Longhorn Steakhouse and had a very nice time. Here's a picture of us before dinner.
Tyler had fun too! He was able to visit with his friends, Caleb and Nathan, while we were out. Their parents were nice enough to watch him while we celebrated...thanks Josh and Jamie!

Thursday, November 1

Little Farmer Boy

Well Tyler was a "little farmer boy" for Halloween last night. We didn't go trick or treating we decided to go to the family fun fest at our church. It was a lot of fun and Tyler played games and won lots of candy. I would have a lot more pictures, but the batteries I put in my camera before we left were duds. I was so bummed! But I did snap a couple in the house before we left (and before I put in the duds).
Isn't he just the cutest little farm boy you've ever seen?!?!?!