Monday, November 26

Thanksgiving wrap-up

We hope y'all had a good Thanksgiving, we sure enjoyed it! I had my mom and sister visiting from Michigan and made my first ever Thanksgiving dinner (with mom's help of course). Everything turned out great and we ate a lot!
Meagan helped with the potatoes.

Mom testing the food.

Mike watching the Lions.

Even Tyler helped with the cleanup.

Here are a couple pictures of the table decorations.

Of course the day after thanksgiving we got up to go shopping, we didn't up too early though, left about 6 am. I got some shopping done, but still need a few more ideas. I also got some decorations up. It was nice to have my mom's help and another "woman's" eye. (Mike thinks things look good anywhere).

In other news I have started to feel the baby move around in my belly these past few days. It has been exciting to actually start to 'feel' pregnant. I have been popping out a little more's not fun finding clothes to wear. My maternity clothes are still too big and my regular clothes are too tight. I guess I'm in that awkward stage. I'm 4 months now only another 6 to go!!

Hope everyone is getting into the holiday season!



~Telah said...

Looks like a wonderful family Thanksgiving! Glad you are doing well.

Jenn said...

Looks like you guy's had a nice Thanksgiving...The table looks inviting! Can't wait to see photos of your scraproom since the re-arranging with your mom...she alway's has such good idea's! My folk's where here and my brother from Dayton, and my sister. It was fun. My mom, Sister and I all went out shopping the day after also...we didn't leave till 10ish. And we didn't get home till around 9:30ish...I got a lot of my shopping done as well, but like you still have a few things to get yet. It's so cold here! We got hammered with some snow yesterday, going to melt but then we are to get hammered again by the fun...Winter is finally here in MI! Yucko!
Well take care and keep in touch...

Jamie said...

It looks like you guys had fun last week. I hope everyone made it home safe. I know what you mean. Alot of my maternity pants still are not fitting me right and it is driving me crazy.

Jan said...

Bri and Mike, you were great hosts! Thank you for the great dinners. Really enjoyed myself, and was great getting out of Dodge for awhile.

Jenn said...

I think my blog is all goofed up now...i'm missing things on it that it used to all happend with I put the Christmas page up on it...crazy...I'm confused...oh well...hope all is well...have you gottin to scrap any? Hows the new house? Have you made a lot of new friends there now? Keep in touch.
Miss you,

Jenn said...

Hey I got my blog back to working again...and I added some new pics...check it out...Jenn~