Monday, April 27

Too Nice to Blog

Sorry all! The weather has just been too nice to sit inside and blog! We have been doing a lot of outdoor activities these past few days! Tyler likes to try and catch bugs with his net.

IMG_5178a Silly boy!

IMG_5182a He got Kung Fu Panda for Easter, so he likes to think he can do Kung Fu now! I’m not sure what he is doing in the second picture.


I was able to get him to sit still to get this cute picture.


Kalen likes to sit in the grass and watch her brother play.

IMG_5135a  IMG_5142a

On Friday evening we went to Panoply, a local art fair held downtown. There was a ton of crafts for Tyler to do and he had so much fun going from one thing to the next! Kalen enjoyed riding in the stroller telling everybody “Hi” as she passed.


And on Saturday we played outside some more! We filled up Tyer’s sand/water table he got for his birthday.


He played, and played, and played! This table is a big hit!


I’m sure Kalen will like it too, but she was napping when Tyler was playing with it. When she woke up it was time to wash the cars! She couldn’t help with the cars, but she did like playing with the water.


So that is what we have been up to. Sorry for the lack of posting…I’ll try to do better!

Friday, April 17

A Vacation Book

When I went to Gulf Shores to scrapbook with the girls I got an entire vacation album done. I finally got all the pages scanned so I can share them with you all! So here it is!

hpqscan0001 hpqscan0002hpqscan0003








It was such a fun album to do, and I loved using those SEI papers!! I have more pages to share that I made while I was at my Mom’s and when I scrapped at Jamie’s a couple weeks ago, but I’ll save those for another day. I don’t want to overload you with scrappiness!

Monday, April 13

Happy Easter!

We hope that you all had a great Easter yesterday! We had a full day here! It was some bunny’s first Easter!


These were taken at the Elmore’s on Friday! We went over to dye eggs that morning. Kalen couldn’t participate much, but she liked looking at the colors and those bunny ears were just too cute!


Sunday morning we got all ready for church and took a few pictures of the kids before we left the house.

IMG_4845a-5x7 IMG_4857aIMG_4862a


When we got home we opened baskets and then went outside to hunt some Easter eggs.

IMG_4913 Tyler was very good at it this year!

IMG_4923 IMG_4937a


He even left the pink and purple ones for Kalen. She liked playing in the grass more than hunting the eggs.

IMG_4926a IMG_5000a

We did get her up and try to help her out a little bit.

IMG_4955 IMG_4963IMG_4965 IMG_4945a

And she found a couple!

IMG_4994a We had a great morning and had dinner at my Dad’s later that evening! All in all a very good day and 1st Easter for Miss Kalen!


We hope that you had a great day celebrating our Lord’s resurrection!

IMG_4909a Love,

The Taylor’s

Wednesday, April 8

Wii Fun

Tyler loved playing the Wii on vacation. Since it was cold it was a fun activity to do indoors!

He did real good with Mario Kart…except he kept trying to kit the cows on purpose.

IMG_4333 The best was watching him box daddy!

IMG_4413 IMG_4414 IMG_4415 KNOCK OUT!!

IMG_4418 This is so much easier than the old Nintendo that we grew up with! I was amazed at how fast Tyler picked it up!