Monday, April 13

Happy Easter!

We hope that you all had a great Easter yesterday! We had a full day here! It was some bunny’s first Easter!


These were taken at the Elmore’s on Friday! We went over to dye eggs that morning. Kalen couldn’t participate much, but she liked looking at the colors and those bunny ears were just too cute!


Sunday morning we got all ready for church and took a few pictures of the kids before we left the house.

IMG_4845a-5x7 IMG_4857aIMG_4862a


When we got home we opened baskets and then went outside to hunt some Easter eggs.

IMG_4913 Tyler was very good at it this year!

IMG_4923 IMG_4937a


He even left the pink and purple ones for Kalen. She liked playing in the grass more than hunting the eggs.

IMG_4926a IMG_5000a

We did get her up and try to help her out a little bit.

IMG_4955 IMG_4963IMG_4965 IMG_4945a

And she found a couple!

IMG_4994a We had a great morning and had dinner at my Dad’s later that evening! All in all a very good day and 1st Easter for Miss Kalen!


We hope that you had a great day celebrating our Lord’s resurrection!

IMG_4909a Love,

The Taylor’s


Unknown said...

Bri your pics are so cute! I love them all...but the pic I like best if of Ty kissing his little sis! How sweet is that! That will make a great Grad pic some day! Can't wait to see how you scrap those!:) Miss you, glad you had a nice Easter...we did...I need to post some pics as soon as I get them back from the photo center. I'm liking my camera.

Jan said...

Glad you had a good day. Love the red tie Tyler! How grown up. And Miss Kalen's dress is so cute. Our Easter...Les had a house full and dinner was great.

Taylorville said...

Thanks for posting, we always look forward to seeing pictures.. these are awesome as usual.
You're a natural photographer!

Unknown said...

I am so dumb...I just made a get well card with mostly green on it...and it was all done with scraps! But dummy me forgot to take a pic of it..I had forgotten about the going green challenge this month...Dummy me! Oh well maybe I"ll have time to do a layout...

Unknown said...

mind you I already mailed the card out this morning...duh duh duh...

Chris, Kristin, and Emily said...

wonderful pictures of your family and the kids! i LOVE the one of Tyler kissing Kalen! SO sweet!

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

great pictures I can't wait to to get some pictures with them

Jamie said...

Somebunny loves you!

Ok... Are you tired of all my comments yet? It is really late and I need to be in the bed. :)