Friday, May 28

Jarrett - Senior Pictures

About a month back I took some senior pictures for Jarrett. Hailey, the little girl I babysat for last year, is his sister. Jarrett graduated yesterday and has his open house this weekend so I thought it would be a perfect time to share my favorite pictures!

We headed up to Green Mountain, one of my favorite places to take pictures.


I kept joking with Jarrett that this was the first time I took pictures of someone that stood where I told them to and stayed there! So much easier than a busy 2 or 4 year old!


He likes to play the guitar and I was so glad that he brought it with him!


This next one is my very favorite.


Don’t you just love those bright blue eyes?




The covered bridge along the trail is so beautiful, it makes for a great place to take pictures.




Again with those eyes!


I have always wanted to take a picture with someone in the window of the bridge. I’m so glad Jarrett was up for it because I love the way they turned out!



We can’t forget Mom, had to get one of the two of them together! So sweet!


Thanks Yvonne for letting me take pictures of your son! And thank you Jarrett for being up for anything and letting me click away! Good luck at college next year and in all of your future endeavors!

Thursday, May 27

The Strawberry Patch

For Kalen’s party we wanted to have fresh strawberries to dip in the chocolate, so after we picked up Aunt Jess we headed out to Brown Farms in New Market.

The kids had so much fun picking strawberries!


Kalen made sure that she only picked the red ones.



Tyler was on the lookout for the BIG ones!



The strawberries were perfect!


The kids were very good and only ate a couple while we were out there.



And it didn’t take us long to fill up our bucket!



The scrapbooker in me loves that Kalen was wearing red! It will make for some really cute layouts!! :)


The strawberries were so good that we didn’t have any left after the party!! We want to go back and take Daddy with us next time. Plus I really want some strawberry shortcake!


Wednesday, May 26

It’s Growing

Our garden is growing more and more each day! I took these pictures about a week and a half ago and it looks a lot different today.

Notice Tyler’s snake at the top of this picture, he is trying to scare away the birds. It’s not working.



Last night we built the trellis for the peas, tomatoes, and cucumbers to climb.

We also dug up a few radishes!


The kids ate a couple pieces, I was very surprised, and we are waiting to add them to our next salad!

Tuesday, May 25

Kalen’s Chocolate Party

We had such a good time at the Chocolate party! It was so much fun, I already want to have another one! Here is the birthday girl in her chocolate brown outfit that I made for her!


She was so excited for the party and we were so happy that Aunt Jess was here too!


We had the house decorated in brown and pink just for Kalen!



Here is the table with the chocolate fountain and all the goodies!


We had Rice Crispy treats, pretzels, Oreos, mint Oreos, Nutter butters…


marshmallows, graham crackers, bananas, strawberries (fresh picked that morning)…


and yummy chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and, of course, pink sprinkles!


We also had chocolate and strawberry milk.


We even had Chocolate bars to give out to the kids as they left! I’m sure their parents just loved us! Ha!



I was prepared for things to get messy! Look at these cute napkins I found. Just perfect!


Don’t forget the wipes! (I had to make them match too)


Let the fun begin! Everyone loved dipping in the chocolate.



It was SO good!


The birthday girl approves!



Then we all sang Happy Birthday to Kalen!


I maybe should have wiped her face, but I think it just adds to the whole chocolate theme :)


Make a wish!




I just love seeing that big happy smile!


Kalen loved her cupcake!


She finished up just in time for presents.

20-Kalen's Party

She got a lot of fun gifts and has been wearing, reading, and playing with them all week!

20-Kalen's Party1

It was such a fun time and I know that Kalen really enjoyed it!

We were a little whiny and tired after everyone left though. (Kalen had her head down crying)


“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!”


Thank you to everyone who came and made Kalen’s 2nd birthday so special!