Friday, May 28

Jarrett - Senior Pictures

About a month back I took some senior pictures for Jarrett. Hailey, the little girl I babysat for last year, is his sister. Jarrett graduated yesterday and has his open house this weekend so I thought it would be a perfect time to share my favorite pictures!

We headed up to Green Mountain, one of my favorite places to take pictures.


I kept joking with Jarrett that this was the first time I took pictures of someone that stood where I told them to and stayed there! So much easier than a busy 2 or 4 year old!


He likes to play the guitar and I was so glad that he brought it with him!


This next one is my very favorite.


Don’t you just love those bright blue eyes?




The covered bridge along the trail is so beautiful, it makes for a great place to take pictures.




Again with those eyes!


I have always wanted to take a picture with someone in the window of the bridge. I’m so glad Jarrett was up for it because I love the way they turned out!



We can’t forget Mom, had to get one of the two of them together! So sweet!


Thanks Yvonne for letting me take pictures of your son! And thank you Jarrett for being up for anything and letting me click away! Good luck at college next year and in all of your future endeavors!


Stephen and Melody said...

Beautiful pictures! You really could start your own business!

Michelle Karr said...

You did great!!!

Jamie said...

Great pictures and you are right... That bridge is so neat!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bri, I told you the pictures are just wonderful, I love how they all turned out.... you did great! Thank you, Yvonne :-)

lovelylovelythings said...

Great photos, now I want to go visit Green Mountain!