Saturday, November 21

Better Late than Never

Well I’m just now getting our Halloween pictures up. I know the Grandparents have been dying to see them! It’s fitting to be putting them up today since we are hoping for a big upset and that Michigan will beat Ohio State today!!

Here is our own little Michigan football player!IMG_9393aAt first glance he may look cute…IMG_9379aIMG_9382aBut he’s got some big muscles…IMG_9399a And at times can look down right MEAN!! IMG_9400a(this was just before he tackled the camera girl!)IMG_9405aHe can hike the ball… IMG_9418aIMG_9421a and is already practicing for when he wins the Heisman!IMG_9410a He’s even got his own little Cheerleader.IMG_9427a Kalen cheers him on…IMG_9469a IMG_9509a and loves it when he makes a touchdown!IMG_9455a They are super cute together! IMG_9488aIMG_9490a Tyler is sweet on his cheerleader.IMG_9498a We can’t forget about the coach (Daddy).IMG_9513aOr his #1 fan (Mommy). IMG_9516a Kalen showed off some of her skills as a flyer.IMG_9524a IMG_9525a IMG_9530aIMG_9528a IMG_9529a  All in all, I think we made a pretty good team!IMG_9537aGO BLUE!!! BEAT THEM BUCKEYES!!!

Thursday, November 12

Kalen is 18 Months

IMG_2110a Can you believe it? My baby girl is 18 months old!! Time has gone by so fast. I took a few pictures of her last weekend, but they didn’t turn out the greatest. I think we will try again in a couple days.IMG_2105aKalen is such a happy girl! She is constantly on the move and into everything. She is trying to copy everything her brother does, running, jumping, singing, marching. Our favorite is watching her dance. She twirls around and around until she gets dizzy and falls down. It’s the cutest thing!IMG_2122a She has developed a bit of an attitude and learned the word no, I wonder where she got that from? Just after I took these pictures she was shaking her finger at me and telling me “NO!” I think she was tired of having the camera in her face.IMG_2127aBut even with the attitude and drama, she is still a cutie! I love those cheeks and could just kiss them all day long.IMG_2146aHappy Year and a Half Kalen! We love you so much!!

Tuesday, November 3

Our 8th Anniversary

I can’t believe that we have been married for 8 years now! It has gone by so fast! This morning I was looking at some pictures from our wedding day and it brought back so many good memories. I thought I’d share a few of them. (Now these are all scanned, digital cameras were just coming out back then…HA!)Top.bmpThe wedding party. Top-1.bmp This last one is my favorite from the day!!Top-2.bmpI have been blessed with a wonderful husband who is truly my best friend!

I love you baby, Happy Anniversary!