Tuesday, May 29

A Nice Weekend

Well we had a really nice Memorial weekend. I went garage sailing on Saturday morning and found some deals! Got some clothes for Tyler at a quarter a piece. Can't beat that! Also found Mike a PDA (he has been wanting one for work), and a few other odds and ends.

After Sunday naps, Mike had soccer practice and Tyler and I went to watch. Tyler wanted to get in on the practice too.

And he doesn't just walk anymore...he runs, so I got my workout too!

On Monday we went on Lake Guntersville. We had lots of fun, Tyler did lots of swimming. I even went waterskiing for the first time this year. The water was rough so I didn't stay on very long. We met up with a couple of my dad's friends and one couple had two girls. Tyler liked playing with them. We were surprised at how well he did out there. He fell a couple of times on the boat and bumped his head and got a bloody lip. Poor thing, but besides that he didn't cry very much at all.
I put some more pictures of the weekend in a web album, so be sure to check them out too.

Friday, May 25

Joined the YMCA

Well last night we decided to join the local YMCA. It is very nice here and they have a pool, gym, aerobic classes, and daycare for Tyler while I work out. I am excited to get back in the routine of going to the gym and I'm sure Tyler will be able to make some new friends too. I started to do some housecleaning for my dad, once or twice a week, so Mike said if I was able to do that we could join. So I was excited! And I can use any extra money for scrapbooking!! FUN!

I went to an aerobics class this morning and it went pretty well. The teacher did things a little different so I will have to get used to it. This is the first time I have worked out since we moved, so I'm a little tired.

We went to the pool again today. Tyler had fun. He liked being thrown in the air by his daddy! Tyler gets a little more daring each time we go. He tries to put his face in the water, and even kicked a little today. Mom will have him a swimmer in no time ;) Mike looks at me like I'm crazy when I tell him that Tyler might be a natural swimmer. I don't think he wants to take him to the 5:00am practices and the all weekend long swim meets. But hey, maybe his grandpa bob will still be swimming in the morning and he can take him.

Memorial day we are planning on going on the boat. We will see how Tyler does, last time we were on the boat he didn't like it much. It is going to be hot so hopefully we can do a lot of swimming, and he will enjoy that. We hope everyone has a great memorial day with great weather.


Thursday, May 24

Having fun in Michigan

Aunt Michelle is goofy, and she thinks I'm funny!

Excuse me while I wash for lunch.

Can you still see me?

Michigan Photos

I just about have these people trained, mush!

Can you believe Grandma Tracy made me work?
I pretty much did all the work she just sat there!
WELL she did get me a drink..

Why didn't you tell me that was lemon aid?

I forgive you!

Can I have the keys to the truck?

This is too cool..
"I'll be back!"

Donations for future Counseling now being accepted

This past winter 07 just after visiting a family member at the University of Michigan cancer ward in a borrowed Bear outfit, which was an experience in itself with security tracking us down (after getting permission I would add) - (Bearclaw Coffee Co. Bear) Mike sat and waited for Tyler & Bri to return home in the suit - can you imagine walking in your house and having a Bigger than life Teddy Bear in your living room?

Tyler was cool until the Bear (Mike) picked him up and started talking to him, of course you couldn't understand it was Mikes voice from under echo of the mask.

Tuesday, May 22

It's Gonna be a Hot One!

I watched the weather channel this morning and this week is going to be in the upper 80's and low 90's this whole week and weekend. Tyler and I are going to have to go to the pool again!

Mike and I are trying to figure out something to do this weekend. On Sunday I just realized that next Monday is Memorial day! Does it seem early to you this year? Maybe it is just because I had such a busy month of May. Getting back to this weekend... do you have any suggestions for us? I don't want to have another boring weekend. But whatever we do it can't cost much...since we are on a tight budget ;) Well anything we do it will be nice to have a long weekend with Mike. Do any of you have big plans?

Well while Tyler is napping I'm going to browse the internet for scrapbooking ideas. I think I look at scrapbooking stuff online more than I scrapbook. Oh well. I need to get some more pictures developed. It would be cute to do a couple park pages. But wait....I need to finish his hospital book first.


Wednesday, May 16

Still Unpacking

Well I'm still unpacking from my 2 week visit in Michigan. Today is laundry day, trying to catch up. Tyler and I had lots of fun when we were in MI, and the wedding went great. Tyler missed his daddy though, so he is happy to be back.

Yesterday we went to the swimming pool for the first time. Tyler had lots of fun. I even put his head under a couple times and he didn't mind much. One time he clapped afterwards. He does really good holding his breath. I tried to get him to swim a little bit, but he didn't go for that. Here is a picture of him in the pool.

Tyler has been sleeping a lot these past few days. I think he is making up from the lack of sleep he got in MI. Sleeping in the same room with me, everytime he woke up he wanted to get up and play with me. I think he loves his crib. This morning he wanted to take a nap and he is not sleeping this afternoon, so he is upstairs whining. So i'm going to get him up. I'll update more later.