Tuesday, May 22

It's Gonna be a Hot One!

I watched the weather channel this morning and this week is going to be in the upper 80's and low 90's this whole week and weekend. Tyler and I are going to have to go to the pool again!

Mike and I are trying to figure out something to do this weekend. On Sunday I just realized that next Monday is Memorial day! Does it seem early to you this year? Maybe it is just because I had such a busy month of May. Getting back to this weekend... do you have any suggestions for us? I don't want to have another boring weekend. But whatever we do it can't cost much...since we are on a tight budget ;) Well anything we do it will be nice to have a long weekend with Mike. Do any of you have big plans?

Well while Tyler is napping I'm going to browse the internet for scrapbooking ideas. I think I look at scrapbooking stuff online more than I scrapbook. Oh well. I need to get some more pictures developed. It would be cute to do a couple park pages. But wait....I need to finish his hospital book first.



Jamie said...

Welcome to the Alabama heat!! This is only the beginning... HA!!

I think we are going out after church Sunday night if you guys want to join us.

My birthday is this weekend and I told Josh all I wanted was time with him at home to finish up some projects around here. I also plan to do some scrapping Sunday afternoon in between church.

Take Care!!

Jan said...

Well you could go up to that picnic area up on that hill we used to go to. Remember when we hiked around there with Grandma and Grandpa Byar about 10 years ago?
I will probably work around the yard. Would love to go up north, but with gas prices it would cost a small fortune. So will stick around here.
It is hot here too. It is actually in the mid 80's, and my yard is turning brown, so we need rain.

Give Ty a kiss for me.