Thursday, May 24

Michigan Photos

I just about have these people trained, mush!

Can you believe Grandma Tracy made me work?
I pretty much did all the work she just sat there!
WELL she did get me a drink..

Why didn't you tell me that was lemon aid?

I forgive you!

Can I have the keys to the truck?

This is too cool..
"I'll be back!"


Mike & Brianna said...

Love that kiss picture, and the one on the swing too. Ty loved his visit in MI. He got so spoiled.
P.S.- You didn't tell me you gave him lemonaide!?!?!?! haha ;)

Jamie said...

Love the one in the swing.

So precious!

Taylorville said...

Sorry Bri, some things are better left unknown :) Has he had any more cheeseburgers & Pepsi???

I have a cd of the pics that i will send. Grandpa got a little carried away in the wee hours of the
morning ... but i sure did get a chuckle. Hope you did too.

love ya guys