Saturday, November 22

Getting Ready

Today we are getting the house ready for Thanksgiving. My Mother, Meagan, and Sue Ann are coming to visit us next week so we want the house looking nice. We are raking the leaves today.

Well...Mike is raking leaves.


And Tyler is playing in them.



And I'm having fun with my camera....guess I'll stop and start cleaning now!

Thursday, November 20

6 Months

Since Kalen is 6 months old I wanted to get some pictures of her. Jamie was kind enough to do a photo shoot for us at her house! Kalen didn't cooperate very well and just wanted mommy, but we still got a couple really cute shots! Here a couple of my favorites, and Jamie has put some on her site too so make sure you check them out.



Gotta love the pink tutu!



Jamie showed me a couple things on my camera, but I have a LOT to learn. When Kalen woke up from her nap I decided to take a few pictures, but the lighting wasn't very good and most of them were out of focus! I was able to salvage one or two.


I think we are going to practice again next week, or after thanksgiving...this time at my house. So until then...

Tuesday, November 18

New Pages

I have some new scrapbook pages to share. These first three I made during a cyber crop with my Mom and her scrapbook group. 


So if you don't know by now I'm the button queen. During the crop the girls made fun of me using all these buttons on this page, but I really like how it turned out. I'm biased to buttons though :)


This one is a 2 pager, and would you believe that the papers and embellishments came from the dollar spot at Target, same with the paper on the fall layout! LOVE IT!


And these I just put together really quick.



This one I did for a crop over at Dixie Pieces. The challenge was to get inspiration from an ice cream flavor...I picked Mint Chocolate Chip.


I'm towards the end of 2006 now and organized all my 2007 pictures! I'm still doing layouts as I like, but trying to get most of them done somewhat in order. I hate to just start from now and not scrap all the cute pictures of Tyler when he was little. I think the trick is to try to scrap fast on some layouts and take time with the really good pictures. I'm also trying to get a mini album done of pictures from a family reunion. I'll post that when I'm through!

Monday, November 17

Playin' Around

Here are a couple of my first shots while I was playing around with the new camera.


Can you tell Kalen likes her sweet potatoes! She has an orange glow.


It takes much better pictures indoors than my point and shoot. I have a lot to learn and my blog will probably be overloaded with pictures for a little while, but anything to make the Grandparents happy, right? :)

It's Here

canon xs2

The UPS man just dropped off my new camera!! I'm so excited. This year for my birthday I asked for money to go towards a DSLR and I finally got enough saved up. With Michelle's help I was able to decide which one to buy, the Canon Rebel XS. So the battery is charging as I type, I can't wait to play with it!

A BIG thank you to everyone for the birthday money!

Monday, November 3

7 Years Together


I just want to say Happy Anniversary to my baby! I love you and I'm so glad that we are on this journey together!walk1-5x7

Thank you for being the wonderful husband and father you are! I appreciate the dedication you have to God and to our family. Thanks you for all the hard work you do, enabling me to live my dream and stay at home with our kids.



Sunday, November 2

Halloween Photos


For Halloween this year Tyler was Nemo and Kalen was a flower.


Tyler thought Kalen was a cute little flower!


And Kalen just kept staring at Tyler, I think she liked his costume too!


We went to the Fall Fest at church and Tyler had a lot of fun playing games and winning candy. They even had a little petting farm.


Tyler kept walking around telling everyone that he was Nemo and Kalen was a flower. It was cute.