Monday, March 24


Tyler really enjoyed Easter this year! He got this basket filled with goodies from Mom & Dad.

And Grandma & Grandpa sent him a Bible. He really liked that! It came with it's own case and everything.

After we opened gifts it was time to hunt for the Easter Eggs we dyed the night before.

Daddy did a good job hiding them....not too easy and not too hard.

Here I go!
Found one!'s another one!
It was so cute too watch him run from one egg to the next with the basket in his hand. He found all 12 eggs, and with not too much help from Mom either!
Here are a couple pictures we snapped before Church.

We hope you all had a Happy Easter by celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ with family and friends!

Friday, March 21

33 Weeks!

Well here I am...33 weeks pregnant. I remember when I was posting the picture of my pregnancy test! I can't believe that this baby is coming so fast!

The pregnancy website is now comparing my baby to a pineapple! It also says this:
As your baby fills out even more of your belly, lots of things might start to change: Whereas before you were sashaying, you may find yourself waddling. Finding an easy position to sit in — let alone sleep — is becoming more of a challenge. And bumping into chairs and counters is par for the course.

Yeah that pretty much describes it! A waddle has definitely developed and I've been bumping into things for a few weeks now!

Here are a few things I miss at 33 weeks pregnant:
  • Being able to wash my feet without almost falling over. (Not to mention shaving my legs!)
  • Not having to carry the TUMS everywhere I go.
  • Laying on my stomach.
  • Clothes that fit.
  • Long hot bubble baths.
  • Walking straight.
  • Wearing cute shoes.
  • My "innie" belly button.

In other news I did some scrapping yesterday and finally finished up 2004! I know what you all are thinking..."She's still got 3 more years to go!" Well I did a lot of 2006 already, Tyler pictures, but I'm hopeful to get 2005 and the rest of 2006 done pretty fast!

Well here is one of my favorites that I did yesterday.

We hope you all have a great Easter weekend! We are taking a trip to the Birmingham Zoo tomorrow and of course stopping by Scrap Etc! I'll be updating with pictures next week!


Tuesday, March 18

Playing with Pictures

For the past week or so I've been playing around with my pictures. Taking different types of pictures and editing them differently. I have been reading some photography blogs and getting some neat ideas.

Here are a few pictures I took a week or so ago while Tyler was playing outside.

We heard a Cardinal singing up in one of our trees. I was glad my camera was able to zoom in close enough to get it.

As always, we had the bubbles out! Tyler likes it when Daddy blows the bubbles!

Tyler was in a mood to be like Daddy (when is he not?) that day.

Monkey See.....

Monkey Do.

He had to have his hands just like Daddy's, and when Mike decided to lay down on the grass Tyler of course had to follow. His feet had to be up on the brick exactly like Dad had his.

Too cute! I love my boys!

Seeing pictures like these makes me want to have another boy around...I think I may be warming up to the idea that this baby may just be a boy.

But of course a girl would be just fine too! :) I wouldn't mind some more pink in my pictures!


Thursday, March 13

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear MIKE!
Happy Birthday to you!!!

That's right, my baby's 29 today! He didn't want me to tell you how old he is cause he still thinks that he's in his mid-20's.
Sorry honey, but your pushin' 30!

I Love You!

Wednesday, March 12

Chair Ride

Tyler went to the dentist for the first time this morning. They called it a "chair ride."
Pretty much all they did was put him in the chair and let him go up and down, and they had him brush his teeth and looked in his mouth the best they could.
To my surprise he did really well! The hygienist said that he was the best two year old she has had so far! Can you believe that? My little booger being good at the dentist's office? WOW!
Mike and I "hyped it up" pretty good the night before and this morning, so he was excited. I'm glad he did well, hopefully he will take after his momma and have no cavities!


Tuesday, March 11

Scrap Pages

On Friday I got to get a night out with the girls and do some scrapbooking.

I have still been working on pictures from 2004! Here is one from Thanksgiving. I actually did this layout in a class a few months ago, and finally found some pictures that went good with it.

These are of Bailey when we first got her...when she was cute and tiny.

I'm hoping to just get through these older pictures so I can get closer to being "caught up." I have to be choosy with pictures and it's hard not to scrap you can see with all the Bailey pictures. I know when this baby comes that all I'm going to want to do is scrap baby stuff!


Wednesday, March 5

A Touch of Spring

By the time March rolls around I'm in the mood to put up some colorful decorations!

Gerber Daisy's are my favorite and when I saw these at Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago (and on sale) I just had to get them!
I put away all my Snowbabies until next winter, but got to bring this little guy out.
In the house of a pregnant lady you always have to have some chocolate, right? I picked the pretty ones in the pastel wrappers. That way I can count them as decoration.
Tyler surprised me with some flowers last Friday. He picked them out all by himself! Mike liked a different set, but Tyler was insistent on these.
The symbolism of a yellow flower: New beginnings, Happiness, Friendship. Maybe he's trying to tell me he's going to turn over a new leaf and start to obey Mom and Dad so we can have more happiness? That would be nice, I can only hope!

Hopefully you are anticipating spring and putting up some colorful decorations in your homes too!


Monday, March 3

A Beautiful Afternoon

Yesterday was a beautiful day so we decided to take a quick trip to the park after Tyler's nap and before evening service.

Tyler is starting to get more adventurous on the playground!
Mike tried helping him on the slide, but he wanted to go down all by himself!
After that he went up and down the slide without any help (but with Dad standing very close)!

And it was the tallest slide at the park! One of the ones ment for BIG kids!
Mike and I got such a kick out of watching him go down. He went so fast that he would land right on his little "bum!"
The infant swings were all being used, so Mike put him on his chest on one of the regular swings.
I just love this picture!

With the warm weather yesterday and today, there are storms coming in tonight, most likely followed by a cold front.

Hopefully we will have more Spring days at the park soon!