Monday, March 3

A Beautiful Afternoon

Yesterday was a beautiful day so we decided to take a quick trip to the park after Tyler's nap and before evening service.

Tyler is starting to get more adventurous on the playground!
Mike tried helping him on the slide, but he wanted to go down all by himself!
After that he went up and down the slide without any help (but with Dad standing very close)!

And it was the tallest slide at the park! One of the ones ment for BIG kids!
Mike and I got such a kick out of watching him go down. He went so fast that he would land right on his little "bum!"
The infant swings were all being used, so Mike put him on his chest on one of the regular swings.
I just love this picture!

With the warm weather yesterday and today, there are storms coming in tonight, most likely followed by a cold front.

Hopefully we will have more Spring days at the park soon!


Jan said...

ok those pictures really scare me. I glad I wasn't around I would've of been so nervous. Like when you kids would roller blade going 100 miles per hour, I couldn't watch!!

Leah said...

so cute! I really love that first shot. And wow that slide was high!

And sure! You can book me for May!:)

Jamie said...

I love all those park photos! That slide is really tall. He is such a brave little guy.

We spent a good portion of yesterday outside too. It was so nice being outside and hearing all the birds. So refreshing!!

Kimberly said...

Great pics! I am ready for spring weather too.

amydc said...

Cute playground pics. We went outside that day also. Which playground are y'all at? Mountain Gap? It doesn't look like one we've been to.

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

Wow Mom is right I would have been so scared to watch him. All of the pictures are so cute. Love the last one! I was telling Calvin that it is crazy how much his face changes every picture we see!!