Thursday, August 28


I have been re-organizing my scrapbook room again.


I found one of these on Craigslist and picked it up just before we left for Florida. These past couple weeks I have been trying to figure how I want things arranged in there. Mike is building me a couple of shelves for over my desks and then I think I will have it lookin' pretty good.

I was getting tired of all the organizing and wanted to scrap, so I cleared off a desk and did just that. Here are some of the pages I got done.





And I realized I didn't post the ones a got done from scrap night a couple weeks ago. Here are two of them.



In other scrappy news, I won a RAK over on Wilna's blog! She is such a talented scrapbooker, and I'm so excited to see what she is sending!

Hope everyone's having a great week! We are looking forward to the long weekend!

Wednesday, August 27

Cuddle Cuddle

Dad was cuddling with Kalen on the floor.


Not for long... "Hey, what's going on, why's Kalen getting all this attention? Dad your supposed to play with me!"


Tyler likes to pretend to sleep (looks peaceful doesn't he)


then two seconds later says, "Wake up, Sun up now!" (from Go Dog Go).


Kalen doesn't get much alone time around here. She loves her big brother though, anytime he's around her she has the biggest smile on her face!


My cuties!

Friday, August 22

Peek a Boo

DSCF2390 DSCF2392 DSCF2387 DSCF2394 DSCF2396


This girl loves her paciy and her blankie!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, August 19

Fun in the Sun

It's been warm and sunny around here!

Tyler wanted to take a dip so he filled up the pool.


He was thirsty.


Then he decided to get into the pool to fill it up.


"Hey this isn't working too good."


"There it goes!"

DSCF2380 DSCF2381 DSCF2382

"I think I'll just stick to putting it in the pool from now on."


Hope the weather's good where you are!

Friday, August 15

We're Back!

Well we had a great time in Florida visiting my Grandmother, Tyler and Kalen's Great Grandmother.


She is doing great just three weeks after her knee replacement surgery. Her therapist says that she is a week ahead of schedule! She is up and walking around, slowly, and getting back into the swing of things.

We had a great time with my sisters too. We got to do a lot of swimming in Grandma's pool and Tyler does very well with the water wings on. If we could of been there another week or two I bet he'd be swimming without them. We also got to the beach one day. The weather was perfect and there was not much wind so the water was very calm. Kalen can now claim that she has been in the ocean, although she didn't like it much :). Tyler got to go fishing for the first time. Him and Grandpa tried to catch a bass in the pond behind the house. Here is a collage of pictures from the visit.


We also got to see my Great Grandmother.


I was glad that she got to see Kalen, her first Great Great Granddaughter! She amazes me every time I see her, still walking with a walker and her mind is not fading at all. She remembers everything from when we saw her last and was telling me stories from when she was a young mother.

The car ride went very well. Tyler's friend Caleb Davis lent him a DVD player and some movies and that helped a lot! Thanks Caleb! Kalen is just an angel, I don't think she cried but 5 minutes total the whole ride!

Friday, August 8

Quick Trip

The kids and I are off for a quick trip to Florida with my dad. We are going to see my grandmother who just had knee replacement surgery and my sister, Jessica. My youngest sister, Meagan, will be flying in too and I'm sure we will get over to see my Great Grandmother! It's not very often that us sisters get to see each other at the same time anymore since we each live in different places. I'm sure it will be just like old times (Meg and I ganging up on Jess :) ...actually, I think it's switched to Jess and I giving Meg a hard time). So pray for a good trip, it will be a 12 hour car ride with a 2 yr old and a 2 month old! I will put up some pictures when we return.

Friday, August 1

TGIF and an Updated Style

I am so glad that Friday is finally here. For some reason this week has just drug on for me. Tonight I am scrapbooking with the girls! WhooHoo! Mike and Tyler are meeting up with Josh and the boys to go to a Huntsville Star's game. I think this is Tyler's first time going to a baseball game! It might be harder to get tickets next year since Brett Favre will be playing! Check this out!

Then we are looking forward to a nice weekend at home. Hopefully I will get to go garage sailing in the morning and then I think we are just planning on staying around the house the rest of the day.

Yesterday I played around with a new template for my blog. Do you like it? I have found some free templates online at Leelou Blogs, I put up a link in the left column. Another place that I have found some is here, but I haven't tried those yet.

And because no blog post is complete without a are a couple of the kiddos this morning still in their jammies.


This is when I told Tyler to smile


and this is when I told him I was going to tickle him