Thursday, November 25

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful the Lord has blessed my with a wonderful husband and two beautiful children!



Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Monday, November 1

Peter Pan & Tinker Bell

We had so much fun having Peter Pan and Tinker Bell around the house this weekend!
Tyler had a blast being Peter Pan! I love his stance, he did this all himself!
He pretended to be fighting Captain Hook with his sword.
As you can tell, he really got into it!
He was telling everyone to “Just call me Peter Pan!”
Kalen made such a cute little Tinker Bell.
She couldn’t really say Tinker Bell so she said she was “Bell Bell.”
Getting her hair up into a bun was a little hard.
Mommy made it all better by putting on a little makeup and making her feel special.
She loved it!
On Saturday afternoon we headed to the Fall Festival at our church! The kids had a blast playing games, sliding, and getting candy. We loved seeing all of their friends all dressed up too.
30-Fall Fest
On Sunday we went to a couple of the neighbor houses to go Trick or Treating.
IMG_6082      IMG_6083
Tyler asked us “When it was going to be Halloween again?” He was sad that it wouldn’t be till next year. Sad smile I think he would be Peter Pan everyday if he could!