Thursday, April 22

Our Garden


This year we decided to make a couple Square Foot Gardens! My friend Shannon talked us into it, she is making some too! We went to the website, bought the book, and started planting. We really wanted to do something like this so the kids can see how God makes vegetables and fruit grow from little seeds and is able to provides for us.

They have their own 3x3 foot garden.



Mike and I have one too.


We planted a big variety of things. Since this is our first year we will find out what works and what doesn’t.

Tyler has been very helpful and excited about gardening. He planted all the seeds, and has been watering the gardens every morning. This morning he found a couple radish sprouts.


I just have to keep an eye on him though, because I also found this:


Wednesday, April 21

On the Mend

Well if you haven’t heard, Mike broke his arm. He was up 8 foot on a ladder when it kicked out on him and he came crashing down with it. We are SO thankful that it was just his arm that was hurt. It could have been much, much worse! The Lord truly protected him!

He broke it right at the elbow and had to have surgery last Thursday. He was a little nervous about it so after they got the IV in they gave him a little somethin’ to ease the nerves. It put him right to sleep! Go figure, he can sleep ANYWHERE!


I waited and waited for the surgery to start, and finally (after a 2 hour delay) he was in the operating room. The doctor found more damage than what the x-ray showed so it took him a little bit longer. When Mike woke up he was in a lot of pain. Here he is after the surgery, this was the only smile I got that evening.


He is doing much better now, he went back to work yesterday and is doing what he can with one arm.

Thank you to all that have been praying for him and helping us out during this time!

Thursday, April 8

A New Kit

I wanted to share some projects that I made with a new kit. My friend Shannon has started making kits from Stampin Up! products and I just LOVE them! In February she made the Love mini kit, which included a board book (I’m pretty sure she still has those available). This next kit it is a 12x12 scrapbook kit. It includes 24 sheets of patterned paper(double sided), Sweet Pea stitched flower embellishments, 4 different ribbons, 9 pieces of cardstock, hardware, and die cuts all for $22.50. This really is a great deal!

117161S 117266OB0B5EAEB9

Don’t you just love those flowers??

Here are some scrapbook pages I created.



Mama's Girl


I also made a couple of birthday cards.

IMG_1478 IMG_1766

I tried something new too! I made some home decor.


This was super easy to make and now it’s up on the piano in the living room! I just love those butterflies!

I have over half of this kit left so I’m sure I will be sharing some more projects soon. If you are interested in getting one of these kits email Shannon and she will hook you up! $22.50 is a great price for everything you will receive!

Monday, April 5

Easter Day

We had a great day yesterday and we hope that you all did too. We started off the morning with a wonderful Easter Sunday service at church. Here are the kids before we left.



Then we came home to open our baskets, hunt for eggs, and have Easter lunch. We had Grandpa Bob, Grandma Angie, our friends Nick and Shannon, and their son Allen over.


The kids were very excited to hunt the Easter eggs they dyed the night before! I didn’t get too many pictures of the boys, they were too fast!


Tyler did not want to stand still, he was looking hard for those eggs.

IMG_1925a  IMG_1942


But I got a lot of pictures of Kalen!! She was so much fun to watch this year!

IMG_1900a  IMG_1901


IMG_1902  IMG_1904a

IMG_1915a  IMG_1917b

Grandpa had to help her with this one!

IMG_1935a IMG_1938a

She really enjoyed putting those pink eggs in her basket!


I had to get a picture with my sweet girl!


Thanks to Shannon we got a couple family pictures too!


Even Coco got in that one. Too bad Bailey wasn’t on the other side, that would have been perfect!


Happy Easter!

Friday, April 2


Oh how I love thee! We made a trip to Publix today and I had a whole stack of coupons. I think there were only 8 things that I bought without one. I even had coupons for the milk and bread.


The best part, I spent $101.55 and saved $116.95! Woo Hoo!!! That was the first shopping trip that I saved more than I spent.  That makes Mike REALLY happy, and me too. Maybe he will take me out to dinner tonight?