Thursday, April 22

Our Garden


This year we decided to make a couple Square Foot Gardens! My friend Shannon talked us into it, she is making some too! We went to the website, bought the book, and started planting. We really wanted to do something like this so the kids can see how God makes vegetables and fruit grow from little seeds and is able to provides for us.

They have their own 3x3 foot garden.



Mike and I have one too.


We planted a big variety of things. Since this is our first year we will find out what works and what doesn’t.

Tyler has been very helpful and excited about gardening. He planted all the seeds, and has been watering the gardens every morning. This morning he found a couple radish sprouts.


I just have to keep an eye on him though, because I also found this:



lovelylovelythings said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :). This is so funny - I am posting pics of our first gardening experiment tomorrow too! Yours look much more advanced though. It's great to see pics of Tyler, Chris and I loved having him in nursery a few years ago when we were at WBC. ~Jess

Julie Rodgers said...

I love it!! I cant wait to hear how it goes. What a cool thing to do with your kids! : )