Friday, September 14

Here it is!

Okay here it is, for those of you who have been wondering what this special picture will be. I actually have a video and a picture so here it is....


A lot of you already know this exciting news, but just in case you didn't I wanted to make it public. I'm not good at keeping this a secret. I was going to wait until I had my first appointment, but I can't wait that long. I am about 6 weeks along now. So I know you all are wondering...what's the due date?? If I go online a get a few different answers anywhere from the 12th to the 16th of May, and they always change it at the first doctor's appointment anyway. My first appointment is scheduled for October 9th, so I will let you know then.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Thursday, September 13

Dining Room and Scrap Room

Here are some pictures of the dining room, which is open to the kitchen. You can see we fit our big table in there so that's nice. Also there are three long windows that let in plenty of light. Our pantry is in the back corner, there was no other place to put it besides downstairs, and I didn't want to walk down there every time I needed something.
Here are some pictures of my scrap room. It's not the way I would like it, but it's working for now. Mike put up that cabinet for me and I made use of the microwave cart underneath it. There is a door that goes out to the backyard, but we don't use it much. It pretty much acts as a window for me.

I still need to clean up other area's of the house so I can take pictures. But as I promised a special picture tomorrow!!! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 11

Master Bedroom

Here are a few pictures of the Master Bedroom. Again, fresh paint on the walls. I love the way this color turned out too!! Their is carpet, but hardwood underneath...hopefully to be finished one day. Tyler of course had to get in on the picture taking...such a ham. Oh and I have a story about our you notice that we have bedroom furniture now!!! When we left Michigan we could only fit one dresser in the moving van so we had to leave the other's behind. Anyway, the day we moved in Mike was driving down the road and saw a garage sale with furniture. He got both endtables and the big dresser that match and two other dressers all for $50!! Can you believe it. So now we have bedroom furniture again, and it even matches...bonus!

Here is a picture of our main bathroom. We took off wallpaper and painted, put in the medicine cabinet and new light fixture.


Monday, September 10

Tyler's Room

Here are some pictures of Tyler's room. It has fresh paint and hardwood floors.

Tyler loves his bookshelf. Every night before bed he picks out one to read then he runs to the rocker. After we are done reading it to him he has to "pu baaa" (put it back in Ty language). And then he say night night to "turrrrtlll" (turtle on to of the bookcase) and has to give him kisses. Such a cutie.

Keep checking back as I add more pictures and by the end of the week I'll have a special picture for you!!

Sunday, September 9

New House!!

Well we are finally back online and I can post some pictures of our new house!

It still feels weird that we are actually homeowners but so far we are enjoying it! There are still boxes everywhere and we are unpacking as we go, but it is coming along great. If I post all the pictures I have taken since we moved in it would take up so much space so I will just post a few here and there. And yes I will be good and start posting more often!
So here are some from the move in day. We had 6 trucks and one trailer filled up with all our stuff. It took us a couple trips, but we were done by 12:30. My dad and a lot of the guys from Mike's bible study came to help.
Later that day we even had Tyler moving boxes!!!