Tuesday, September 11

Master Bedroom

Here are a few pictures of the Master Bedroom. Again, fresh paint on the walls. I love the way this color turned out too!! Their is carpet, but hardwood underneath...hopefully to be finished one day. Tyler of course had to get in on the picture taking...such a ham. Oh and I have a story about our furniture...do you notice that we have bedroom furniture now!!! When we left Michigan we could only fit one dresser in the moving van so we had to leave the other's behind. Anyway, the day we moved in Mike was driving down the road and saw a garage sale with furniture. He got both endtables and the big dresser that match and two other dressers all for $50!! Can you believe it. So now we have bedroom furniture again, and it even matches...bonus!

Here is a picture of our main bathroom. We took off wallpaper and painted, put in the medicine cabinet and new light fixture.



Jan said...

Like the quilt too. Neat about the garage sale finds.

Jamie said...

The new paint color looks great and I love that shower curtain in your bathroom. Your house looks so clean. Can you please come over here to help me when you finish unpacking? :)

I really want to do a mini house album since this is our 1st home. You have inspired me to get everything cleaned up and take some good photos of the rooms.

Ok... now you MUST come over and help me out because I have to have good photos for the album. HA!

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

nice room yeah i like the quilt also! looking great!

Anonymous said...

I love the colors, especially Tylers room. As for the furniture Isn't it neat to see how the Lord provides!


Taylorville said...

How about more photos of - ???