Friday, October 23

Becoming Crafty

A couple weeks ago I found a sewing machine at a Thrift store for SUPER cheap!IMG_9076 I was so excited! I have been wanting one for a little while so I could do some sewing on my scrapbook pages. The only sewing I have done is in Home Ec in 6th grade and maybe once on my mom’s machine. I just have to say for learning to sew, the internet and YouTube is awesome! I learned how to thread it, set the tension, and get the bobbin all set and threaded too.

So I’ve been playing with it lately. I found a tutorial to make a camera strap cover and the second one I made came out great!IMG_9221 I used the sewing machine to put some stitching on a layout too!IMG_9238 (My friend, Leah, put up a tutorial on how to make those cute paper flowers! Love them!)

So now I have a bunch of ideas on what to do with my new sewing machine! If you have any tips, or easy projects for this newbie, let me know!

Wednesday, October 14

Dinner Drama

We have been having a lot of drama during dinnertime lately. Kalen just does not want to eat much, she mainly just wants the roll or bread. So our dinners have been accompanied by a lot of whining and crying. Well one night, after I had been trying to get her to eat with no luck, Tyler tried. At first I started to tell him to just go back to his seat, but then she ate what he was feeding her!IMG_9053 WHAT!?!?!IMG_9062Oh, I see, you’ll eat when your brother feeds you, huh?? LITTLE STINKER!!IMG_9060 Then Kalen started to feed Tyler.IMG_9056 Mike and I were cracking up.IMG_9055So now when Kalen doesn’t want to eat something, Tyler quickly pops up and says, “I will do it, I will feed her!” And sometimes it works!

Tuesday, October 6

Remembering Great Grandma

My Great Grandmother passed away this morning. She was 100 years old.DSCF0025I am so glad that we were able to visit her often in these past couple years.DSCF0026-1DSCF1114-4x6

This was on her 99th Birthday celebration.DSCF1122-5x7I’m thankful that she got to know Tyler and Kalen, her Great Great Grandchildren.DSCF2241 DSCF2243 DSCF2245-1  And thankful that even as she aged, you could always talk to her, and she always remembered who you were.IMG_8233IMG_8422-1She was an amazing woman, and I’ll treasure the times that we spent together!IMG_8427We love you Grandma and we will miss you!!!