Saturday, May 31

We got a pool!

While Aunt Jess was here we bought Tyler a pool! Nothing fancy, just one of those plastic ones at Walmart. He loves it and thinks it's the coolest thing! I think it is too...anything that keeps him busy for a couple hours is a GOOD THING!

Tyler had to help fill it up! I wonder who taught him how to do this....
Aunt Jess showed him how to go down the slide.
Look Mom...NO HANDS!
He kept yelling "no hands" over and over, he was so proud of himself going down with no hands. Aunt Jess also taught him how to go down on his tummy!
I thought he might be a little scared getting his head under like that...but this is what he did when he got up.
Little Dare Devil!

He likes to try to get Bailey wet.
And if you know Tyler, you know he loves to pose for the camera! Here are a couple cute ones I got!
Mike and I think it's the best 11 dollars we have spent for Tyler in a while! The weather has been hot, so I know it will get used a lot this summer!


Monday, May 26

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

We have been enjoying our visit with Grandma & Grandpa Taylor. Grandpa had to go back home this afternoon, but this morning we took advantage of some warm weather and went for a walk on the Greenway. Here are a couple pictures we took after our walk.
Isn't Kalen just too cute in her little orange dress?!
And here is a picture that shows her hair a little better! I just love how dark it is....hopefully it doesn't fall out like Tyler's did.

Friday, May 23

Comparing the Two

I was wondering how Tyler and Kalen looked differently at this age and started going through some of the pictures of Tyler when he was born. Here is a comparison of the two of them.

Tyler 1 day old
Kalen 2 days old
Tyler 1 week old
Kalen 1 week old
What do you think? Is there a big difference between them? The main things I notice are that Tyler is a lot smaller, Kalen's hair is darker (I'll get a picture up of her hair soon), and Tyler's wearing a bib....he was a spitter! She hasn't started spitting up yet, and hopefully she won't anytime soon!

Here are the pictures from the day we left the hospital.


We have been enjoying my sister being here this whole week! Aunt Jess has spoiled little Kalen already and Tyler too, he's gotten some neat surprises! She is even spoiling Mike and I...just the two of us are going to Outback tonight on her, and she is going to watch the kiddos between feedings! Thanks Aunt Jess!

Kalen is looking forward to meeting her Grandma and Grandpa Taylor. They are coming in tomorrow and Grandpa is staying for the long weekend, and Grandma will be here to help out all next week!

We hope you all have a great weekend and Memorial Day!


Monday, May 19


My Little Sister!
Kalen Elizabeth Taylor
7lbs 15oz
19 inches
May 12th - 8:33am
Isn't she cute?
I love holding her! And comforting her when she cries.
Here's our first family picture with baby Kalen.
I love being a big brother, and I'm a big help to mommy already!

Monday, May 12

It's a Girl!

Hello, this is Brianna's Mom. Thought I would post a picture of the new baby for you all. Know Bri won't get to posting for a few days. Born this morning and weighing 7lbs 15oz is Kalen Elizabeth!! Mom and Baby are doing fine.

Friday, May 9

Little Pumpkin

Well my little pumpkin likes it here in Mommy's tummy. Today is the due date, but I think baby might just stay in there a couple more days. I had a doctors appointment yesterday and I'm about 3cm, which is better than last week. We are going in Sunday night to start being induced, so we should have a baby Monday! We can't wait to find out if we are having another little boy or a girl! When we are so close to the end like this I am so glad that we waited to find out! It's like getting the biggest surprise present ever! I'm looking forward to getting some last minute things done tomorrow and then relaxing on Mother's Day. I hope you all have a great weekend, and the next time I update we will be a family of four!


Tuesday, May 6

Couple Scrap Pages

Well I finally got some time in my scraproom today. I made a couple cards and finished up these layouts.

I love this one, cause I got to use some pink!

Halfway through 2005! I'm gettin there!

A lot of you commented on how cute the smock was that Tyler was painting in. It actually came in a set that he got from Target. Here is the picture of it. And it comes in a cute little bucket too (that is why the paints match the I didn't plan it, but it will look nice on a scrap page).

Monday, May 5

Fun with Paint

Here is Tyler's first try with painting. We got them out one afternoon when Aunt Meagan was here and he just loved it.
We tried to encourage him to use his fingers, but he wasn't too sure about that.
I think he only got 1 little finger dirty.
Then he wanted the brush again.
He concentrated so hard on his painting. I think we have a creative little boy on our hands.
He did so well, I should have gotten them out earlier. We will have to make this a regular activity around the Taylor household.


Friday, May 2

One More Week

Well this is it, one week to go! My baby is now a mini watermelon. This past week we had it rough. It started out Sunday night with Tyler getting sick right at bedtime and we didn't get to sleep until about 1am. The next day he was doing much better though. Then on Tuesday morning I woke up sick, and was sick all day. I became dehydrated which started contractions and had to go to the hospital to be put on an IV. As we were walking into the hospital Mike became sick too. NO FUN! I'm thankful that the fluids stopped my contractions and I didn't have to deliver and meet this new little baby in that condition! So after a few days of recovery it seems that we are back on track.

I had a doctors appointment this morning and I am about 2cm dilated. So nothing new again. We did schedule a tentative induction for the 12th. So at least we have an end date in mind.

We had a good visit with my sister this past weekend.Thankfully she was here to help out with Tyler when we went to the hospital. Tyler loved hanging out with his Aunt Meagan! She played outside with him, helped him with his train, and even helped him paint for the first time! I will post some painting pictures was cute! -Brianna