Monday, May 5

Fun with Paint

Here is Tyler's first try with painting. We got them out one afternoon when Aunt Meagan was here and he just loved it.
We tried to encourage him to use his fingers, but he wasn't too sure about that.
I think he only got 1 little finger dirty.
Then he wanted the brush again.
He concentrated so hard on his painting. I think we have a creative little boy on our hands.
He did so well, I should have gotten them out earlier. We will have to make this a regular activity around the Taylor household.



Jamie said...

Too cute!

Hope you guys are having a great day.

Jenn said...

so cute Bri! Where did u find that nice bib like thing he's wearing for painting in? Looks like he's going to be a righty...You'll have to be sure to save that first painting, and scrap it!:) I did a pre-K and K book combined for my book's I did for the boy's. When you come home I'll have to show you one so that you get a better idea of how I made them. I hope it work's out for us girls to get together to scrap while your here one night. I actually got two pages done today of our family vacation yearly trips with his family today. The second page I did turned out awesome...I need to look online for some more ideas...It's amazing how fast time goes by even when your just sitting there thinking of what to do next...I guess that's why getting together with other's allows ya to have more brain storm power...haha:) Well I'm going to go look around for some more ideas of layouts online, then i'm going to hit the sac...I had a long weekend...
Take care, and keep in touch! Can't wait to hear the good new's, of little one's arival! Love ya,

amydc said...

He looks so sweet Brianna. I can't believe he didn't want to use his fingers.
What kind os little smock-like thingy does he have on? We need one.

Leah said...

ok, how cute that his smock matches the colors he is using!

Jan said...

Yea that is what I was thinking, the paints match his bib. You planned that didn't you, so when you scrap these it all matches...??

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

Haha that is funny about the colors and the smock! Wow looks like he was having lots of fun! I can't wait to have him make me a picture! We will have so much fun