Friday, May 23

Comparing the Two

I was wondering how Tyler and Kalen looked differently at this age and started going through some of the pictures of Tyler when he was born. Here is a comparison of the two of them.

Tyler 1 day old
Kalen 2 days old
Tyler 1 week old
Kalen 1 week old
What do you think? Is there a big difference between them? The main things I notice are that Tyler is a lot smaller, Kalen's hair is darker (I'll get a picture up of her hair soon), and Tyler's wearing a bib....he was a spitter! She hasn't started spitting up yet, and hopefully she won't anytime soon!

Here are the pictures from the day we left the hospital.


We have been enjoying my sister being here this whole week! Aunt Jess has spoiled little Kalen already and Tyler too, he's gotten some neat surprises! She is even spoiling Mike and I...just the two of us are going to Outback tonight on her, and she is going to watch the kiddos between feedings! Thanks Aunt Jess!

Kalen is looking forward to meeting her Grandma and Grandpa Taylor. They are coming in tomorrow and Grandpa is staying for the long weekend, and Grandma will be here to help out all next week!

We hope you all have a great weekend and Memorial Day!



amydc said...

Yay Brianna. Confrats on all the help. It's SOOO nice to have help. ALmost like an 'out loud' sigh of relief!
The first pic of the kids is very similar.
Enjoy some juicy steak.
Good luck @ church tomorrow w/baby Kalen.
We missed you last night.
Can't wait to meet lil' sis.

amydc said...

Congrats & "Confrats"!!!!

~Telah said...

I can see a resemblance in the first two pictures, besides the same pacifier..LOL.

Jamie said...

Wow! I did not realize how much alike they look. I definitely see a resemblance.

Let us know if we can help you guys out next week. I know when all the help leaves that it will be a totally different world.

By the way... when do you guys want to start the whole babysitting swapping thing?