Monday, May 19


My Little Sister!
Kalen Elizabeth Taylor
7lbs 15oz
19 inches
May 12th - 8:33am
Isn't she cute?
I love holding her! And comforting her when she cries.
Here's our first family picture with baby Kalen.
I love being a big brother, and I'm a big help to mommy already!


amydc said...

Yay Brianna. I am so glad she's finally here & healthy. She's beautiful.

Jamie said...

Too cute!

You did a great job on those shirts.

~Telah said...

Oh,she is just precious! Love all that hair. Tyler, you are doing a great job as Big Brother! Love the shirts too.

Leah said...

Yea! So glad to see some more pics! So cute!!

Jenn said...

so the one's of Ty holding her, so cute...doesn't it make him look so much bigger now that he has a lil' sis! So did you make the T-shirts? How cute! What a great idea...Looking forward to seeing more and more photos as this lil one grows and grows! You by the way Bri, look fabulous, you don't look tired at all after having your how was the delivery? Heard Jess is coming to visit...that will be nice, i'm sure she will be a big help! Take care and keep in touch when you can...Hugs, and best wishes!:) Enjoy that little babe! She's beautiful!

Kimberly said...

Love those pics! They are both so sweet! What a good big brother! Congrats again!

My Sweethearts said...

Congratulations! She's precious, and you're little family as adorable!!