Wednesday, October 29


Well you haven't seen any pictures from Tate Farms yet because it was postponed due to rain. We are going tomorrow evening! And then the Fall Fest is on Friday night, so I'll have pictures up next week.

We are waiting for Grandma and Aunt Shell to arrive! Tyler is so excited that they are coming to see us at "our house!" This morning he said..."Yea! All my friends! Mumming see me, and Mommy, Daddy, and Talen at our house! Will be fun!" They should be here in a couple hours.

I know a post is boring without pictures so here are a couple!

Kalen is really into blowing raspberries! She has the funniest face when she is doing it and you just can't help laughing.


And Tyler is into his baseball hat! He likes to wear it like Uncle Matt sometimes. When we get on the webcam Tyler and Matt play this game and turn their hats back and forth...and Tyler gets the biggest kick out of it!


Thursday, October 23

Touch a Truck

Well I need to post these pictures from this past weekend before the next weekend hits!

April, a friend of mine, gave us a pass to go to touch a truck. They had every type of truck that you could imagine there. The kids were allowed to go in each one and pretend to drive, and see all the buttons. Tyler loved it! He keeps asking me everyday, "Maybe I go see trucks today?"

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures.

           He loved "Truckie!"                                                                           


Look at this cute little fire dog!                Father and truck heaven!


I took a ton of pictures! Here is a collage.

Touch a Truck

And just to prove Kalen was there.


She was a happy girl in her stroller!


Tyler got a popsicle from the Blue Bell Ice Cream truck and he ate it all up! I just love this picture!


We also went into Sci-Quest. I didn't get very many photos though since Tyler was running around from one thing to the next so fast! A couple of the favorites with Tyler were the big bubbles, and the burp machine.

Touch a Truck1

Anyway, that was last weekend! Tomorrow night we are going to Tate Farms with our Life Group(Sunday school class)! We can't wait!

Monday, October 20

Scrapbook Overload

The kids have been napping well lately so I have been able to scrapbook!

This one is simple, but my favorite! Maybe because it's my all time favorite picture of Tyler! (make sure you click on the layout to read the journaling)


On the Move


Open House

I have been doing some challenges here and there. For this next one I used Sketch #40 from 52 Sketches...52 Weeks.


This one was from Creative Scrappers Sketch #21.


And this last one I used Sketch #41 from 52 Sketches...52 Weeks and also put in for the Sing Out Loud challenge over at the Dixie Pieces birthday crop. You had to use part of a song in your title.

My Sunshine

So now you have been bombarded with layouts! I have been meaning to scan these for a little while now, but just got around to it.

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start! I'll be posting some pictures from our weekend soon!

Wednesday, October 15

Mr. Mom

Look, he can do it all.


Vacuuming with a baby in his arms, or is he dancing?


And moving furniture too.


Tyler plays on the couch while daddy vacuums.


Kalen likes it when daddy's home, he doesn't put her down...not even for housework.


Tuesday, October 14

Happy mail

After I put the kids down for naps I walked past the front door and saw the big brown truck! I was so excited because I knew what it was. A couple weeks ago I won a RAK (random act of kindness) on the Chatterbox Blog, so I didn't waste any time and opened the box. This is what I found inside.


How pretty! Love the Splendid Treasures and ribbon.


And take a look at this album, it's velvety and soft!


I've always been a big fan of Chatterbox and I love all their new stuff.

Now that I've been inspired, I'm off to my scraproom to play!

Thanks Courtney at Chatterbox!

Friday, October 10

A bunch of Layouts

and a few cards too! That's what I made with the Jamie Scraps kit this month. I had so much fun with this that I just couldn't stop scrappin'. The only thing I have left is a few scraps of paper and some pieces of ribbon, and I think I'm going to turn that into another card or two.

Here are the layouts:




baby shower

Pretty much the only thing I used from my "stash" were the letter stickers (American Crafts and Pink Paisley), everything else is from the kit.

And here are the cards:

dad ribbonfriend

I haven't made cards in a long time, but Jamie has definitely gotten me in the mood to do them more often. Her tip is to make a card or two after you finish a layout and that way you can use the scraps of paper that already coordinate. I have already done that once or twice this week.

So if your feeling scrappy and want a fun kit to play with make sure you get over there and grab one of these kits!

Sunday, October 5

Happy Birthday

to Me!


Yes, I'll say it...I'm 28. I'm so blessed this year to have a wonderful husband and two little ones on my birthday. Tyler woke me up in the morning with a birthday card that he signed and a big happy birthday kiss. I have to say birthdays with a 2 year old are definitely more fun! I got to blow out 28 candles and he just thought that was the coolest thing, and I've never heard Happy Birthday sung any better.

Bri's Birthday

We went to my Dad and Angie's for dinner and to my surprise they went all out. There were a couple birthday streamers hung up around the house, they invited Yvonne over, and had a huge cake for me too. We almost had to call the fire department though...there was way too much smoke after blowing out all those candles :).

Wednesday, October 1

New Kit club

Jamie Scraps

I have some exciting news to share with you! My friend Jamie is a demonstrator for Stampin' Up and has started her own kit club which debuts today! I feel so privileged because Jamie has asked me to be part of her design team. I am so excited about this and am picking up my kit today. The items she has put together for this month are just beautiful and I can't wait to start scrappin'! I will have some projects to show you soon! In the meantime, be sure to get over there and check this kit out!