Thursday, June 21

You know your getting old when.....

Lets have some fun with this. Lets see if we can really get some class participation. Here are the guidelines, Lets have each person come up with 3 things that you recall happening, thinking, seeing, or realizing, made you see, 'wow i'm getting old?!?. The catch, you can only post 1 event or comment at a time, and cannot post another one until 7 other people have posted one. And no repeats, you can 'AMEN' someone elses but come up with your own. That should give us 24 different 'you know your getting old when...' realizations, and when we get our 24 we can vote and come up with a top 10!!

I'll kick it off....
When Bri was in Michigan for some reason I just wanted to see the bed made, and I liked it. (it felt kinda weird making the bed) I stepped back and thought wow for 28 years I thought there was absolutely no point to making it, i'm going to mess it up anyways so what is the point. That is when I stepped back and said, 'huh, I must be getting old?!?' Not to mention a week later I discovered who really messes up the bed but, that is another topic.

Here Tyler wants to say hi,

jjjbmmmmvmmmb, bm nm nnn m n n nn nbnnb

as you can tell he types with his wrists on the table.

Any ways, Let's have fun with this.


Tuesday, June 19

Teaching the Tradition

I thought I would take this fathers day to start teaching Tyler a very simiple, and easy but always greatly enojoyed event, the making of personalized pancakes!!! Whenever my dad made 'special' breakfasts I loved it. I still remember the first time I was taught by dear old dad to not leave lumps in the batter, and when to flip them. I remember the first time I was even put in charge of mixing the batter!! OOHHH the responsiblity, the whole families breakfast hinged on me. Well they lived. When I would go to friends house they would ask there dads to 'try ' to write there names like my dad, I was so proud.
So I have started teaching my son, he got to sit on a stool and watch me flip them, he got a kick out of that, and I got a kick out of him getting a kick. (and we only lost one on the floor)
So what are some different traditions that ya'll (gotta throw in some southern slang) remember growing up.
(He just about ate it all also!!)

Monday, June 18

I Love Trucks

Well if you don't know already Tyler loves trucks! Every time he hears one he runs to the window and says, "ck, ck, ck," and gets all excited. Snapped a few pictures the other day of this.

The garbage truck makes three stops before he crosses the street, and Tyler sits and watches the whole time. Then when it leaves he waves and says "Bye, bye." It is too cute.

And sometimes Bailey will get curious to see what is going on and will join him on the window sill.
He is such a little boy!


Wednesday, June 13

Swimming Again

Here is a slide show from swimming at the YMCA this weekend. We really had a lot of fun and Tyler loved it. He really liked all the water fountains and getting splashed. We had to watch him really close too cause he liked to go under the water. He definitely has some of his mommy's swimming genes. He may not look like me, but I'll bet he will love to swim like I did.


Monday, June 11

Pudding Anyone??

I took these pictures after I had made a dessert the other night and Tyler wanted to lick the spatula. He had pudding all over his face and it was just so cute I had to get my camera!
He was so excited....SUGAR RUSH!
POSE for the camera! I'm not to sure why he did this, but he has done it a couple times the past week or so. So Cute!
Also this was the first time I asked him to smile for the camera and he actually DID! I have since asked him to do it a couple times and he did it again.

He is growing up so fast. If you have had the opportunity to "talk" to him on the phone lately you can see that. He tries to mimic almost everything I say these days. He has been saying thank you without me even telling him to. The nursery workers at church this Sunday commented to me that he was so polite saying please and thank you. He's makin his momma proud already.

I was able to get 6 cards made this afternoon! WOW! I can't post them though cause some of you may be getting them and I don't want to spoil it. Tyler only napped for about an hour and a half so I probably would have gotten more done if he slept his usual 3 hours. Oh well.

We went to the park after dinner tonight. It was so cute to watch Tyler run all around trying to do everything himself. He goes down slides that I'm scared to go down. And all by himself too! I can't believe it...little daredevil. He loves it though. Giggles all the way down and says again the minute he gets down.

I have more pictures of the pool that I will post later this week!


Wednesday, June 6

Scrapbook Pages

Well I told you I would get the pictures up of the scrapbook pages I did this past Friday. Today while Tyler took his nap I did some journaling and scanned these. They are all for Tyler's 8x8 hospital book.

I did this cover page a little while ago, but just made a few changes and did the journaling today. Isn't Tyler cute? He was so small. Scrapbooking these pages is giving me the baby bug.

I went to the gym this morning so I am tired. I think once I am in a routine of going during the week it will be easier. When I dropped Tyler off at the gym's daycare I tried to sneak out without him seeing me and then he turned around and saw me and said "Bye, bye" and waved his hand and blew me a kiss. Here I was afraid of making him upset and he didn't even care I was leaving him. Cutie! He is starting to 'talk' more and more. I can understand his gibberish, but I'm not sure if anyone else can.

My sister just made a blog- The Coddingtons. Check it out sometime.


Monday, June 4

Why Not??

I was thinking, a few minutes ago about something. Before you continue reading, just promise yourself to read this with an open mind. I was reading in a book and it was talking about smells, and such and one thing that suprised me was that the smell of Pumpkin pie rated top 5 among these certain people. (if you really want more details bri can explain it better than I can) but what about thought is you are seeing (smelling) more food candles and they all smell good but what about the smells that are REALLY in demand but most people are just to shy to speak up. Well i'm not i've had it here is mine and i know someone is going to get rich off my idea, i'm cool if i just can get royalties, but i would like to have a Peanut butter and chocolate smell. Yea i know most of you are with me, i know my dad is. If i could get Bri to eat a piece of toast with Crunchy Peanut Butter with some Hershey's syrup on it then kiss me, now that is what i'm talking about. The best of both worlds. That is mine, what are your special smells you would like to see(smell) fabricated. Maybe we can take a list to The yankee place that they can 't refuse!!!!

So lets here em'


Recent Scrap Purchases

Well I had a lot of fun scrapbooking on Friday night. I got two layouts done for Tyler's hospital album. I haven't scanned them yet, but I will soon and put them up. I got very inspired while I was there on Friday and have been in a scrapbook mood all weekend (some of you might say that I'm always in a scrapbook mood...yeah pretty much).

On Saturday after dinner I made my Dad take me to Costco. On Friday night the girls told me about a paper pack they had there and I had to check it out. And of course once I saw it I had to have it.

I'm so excited and can't wait to start using it!

This morning I went out to Once Upon a Scrapbook to pick up my stuff from the garage sale. I took in some of my supplies that I did not use anymore and anything I sold went towards store credit. Well I got $18.75 to spend so I got a few things while I was there. I got some embellishments to go with the new paper, and some rub-ons (of new favorite thing). It was like getting free stuff! I didn't have to take any money out of my own pocket to buy it. FUN!

I made one more stop before Tyler and I came home for lunch. I went to Michael's and used a 40% off coupon on a magazine I have been wanting. Simple Scrapbooks: Album Shortcuts.

So now I am going to sit down and look through it while Tyler is napping.

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!


Friday, June 1


As I watch Tyler live life, I'm struck by the courage and persistence he displays.

So I was wondering what was a recent event or choice that you have made that took courage...and how did you feel afterwards, regardless of the result.


A Long, Short Week

I'm so glad it's Friday! TGIF!!! This week has been the longest...short...week. Tyler has had a stuffy/runny nose since Tuesday morning. Monday night was a long night of Mike and I taking turns comforting him. He didn't want to lay down and Tuesday morning I realized why when I saw his nose running. So the past few days have not been that great, Tyler has been cranky and whiny. It seems like he is getting better though.

I haven't been to the gym this week. With Tyler sick I can't take him to the daycare. I'm hoping to start my routine next week.

I am excited to have a night out tonight! I'm going scrapping with the "West Huntsville Girls." WooooHooooo! After this week I need a night out.

Just heard the cookies are done! I need my chocolate fix...then I'm off to pack up my scrap supplies.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!