Monday, June 4

Why Not??

I was thinking, a few minutes ago about something. Before you continue reading, just promise yourself to read this with an open mind. I was reading in a book and it was talking about smells, and such and one thing that suprised me was that the smell of Pumpkin pie rated top 5 among these certain people. (if you really want more details bri can explain it better than I can) but what about thought is you are seeing (smelling) more food candles and they all smell good but what about the smells that are REALLY in demand but most people are just to shy to speak up. Well i'm not i've had it here is mine and i know someone is going to get rich off my idea, i'm cool if i just can get royalties, but i would like to have a Peanut butter and chocolate smell. Yea i know most of you are with me, i know my dad is. If i could get Bri to eat a piece of toast with Crunchy Peanut Butter with some Hershey's syrup on it then kiss me, now that is what i'm talking about. The best of both worlds. That is mine, what are your special smells you would like to see(smell) fabricated. Maybe we can take a list to The yankee place that they can 't refuse!!!!

So lets here em'



Brianna said...

Oh my goodness! You are not getting me to eat chocolate peanut butter toast and then kiss you.
You are crazy!

Taylorville said...

"Coffee" who don't love to awake or walk into a house with the smell of "Coffee"
I'll take two extra shots of espresso with mine!

Jamie said...

Mike - That is so funny! Be sure to take a picture when she does that.

Here you go -

They have everything on Ebay.

How about bottling up that smell when you just mop the floors? I love that "clean" smell.

Brianna said...

I couldn't help but to just stare in amazement that peanut butter chocolate candle exists. I think fathers day is coming up and a flavored kiss sure would be cheap, easy, and special.

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

I would love to bottle up how Tyler smells after a bath. So fresh and clean.