Monday, June 18

I Love Trucks

Well if you don't know already Tyler loves trucks! Every time he hears one he runs to the window and says, "ck, ck, ck," and gets all excited. Snapped a few pictures the other day of this.

The garbage truck makes three stops before he crosses the street, and Tyler sits and watches the whole time. Then when it leaves he waves and says "Bye, bye." It is too cute.

And sometimes Bailey will get curious to see what is going on and will join him on the window sill.
He is such a little boy!



~Telah said...

It's just something about boys and trucks! I don't know of one that doesn't like them!

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

That is to cute. He is a boy at heart. I remember the road trip with the "ck ck" too cute. Can't wait to see him!

Unknown said...

Hey Bri, cute photos...can u leave your mom a message that I can't post on her blog...I think she has to add my email thanks...Jess finally commented on my blog thanks to you...ha:) And your mom and I talked about me getting started with scrapbooking...she said she'd love to have me over to take your I"m really looking forward to it. I need to start working on saving for some I'm excitted! Hope your all well. Ky won his softball game tonight. Been busy here...but so far enjoying the summer. Talk to u soon. Miss you...:(