Monday, June 11

Pudding Anyone??

I took these pictures after I had made a dessert the other night and Tyler wanted to lick the spatula. He had pudding all over his face and it was just so cute I had to get my camera!
He was so excited....SUGAR RUSH!
POSE for the camera! I'm not to sure why he did this, but he has done it a couple times the past week or so. So Cute!
Also this was the first time I asked him to smile for the camera and he actually DID! I have since asked him to do it a couple times and he did it again.

He is growing up so fast. If you have had the opportunity to "talk" to him on the phone lately you can see that. He tries to mimic almost everything I say these days. He has been saying thank you without me even telling him to. The nursery workers at church this Sunday commented to me that he was so polite saying please and thank you. He's makin his momma proud already.

I was able to get 6 cards made this afternoon! WOW! I can't post them though cause some of you may be getting them and I don't want to spoil it. Tyler only napped for about an hour and a half so I probably would have gotten more done if he slept his usual 3 hours. Oh well.

We went to the park after dinner tonight. It was so cute to watch Tyler run all around trying to do everything himself. He goes down slides that I'm scared to go down. And all by himself too! I can't believe it...little daredevil. He loves it though. Giggles all the way down and says again the minute he gets down.

I have more pictures of the pool that I will post later this week!



Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

Oh my goodness Tyler is so cute! I was laughing the whole time i was reading this. His hair is getting longer and he is looking so big. I'm going to get you on the webcam tonight.
Love Jess:)

Jan said...

And his hair is getting blonder. Yeh he sure is a cutie.

~Telah said...

He is just so cute! Love that pudding all over his face.