Wednesday, February 27

Wintery Wendnesday

Well today's gonna be a cold one, so Tyler and I are planning on staying warm and cozy inside! They are calling for snow flurries and 15 mph winds. Brrr! Last night I went to the library and rented Tyler Charlotte's Web so we might have to snuggle up on the couch and watch that today. I think he will like it, it was one of my favorites. And he's really into animals right now!

I did some scrapping yesterday and I think I finally finished up my Christmas layouts from last year.
These first two are for a double layout and I LOVE how it turned out (the scan doesn't do it justice). I didn't do much "embellishing" since I didn't want to take attention away from the pictures. And of course the pictures were taken by Aunt Michelle! She has the best ideas! Thanks Shell!
I've been organizing my scraproom a lot this past week. I finally got this book and have been inspired!

Once I get it cleaned up a little more I will post some pictures :)


Friday, February 22

Late Night Craving

This pregnant lady has been having cravings, mainly at night. Cookies, ice cream, mexican foods, spicy wings, anything that catches my eye! Well last night I saw a commercial for McDonald's and of course they had to show the fries. YUM! I said "ohhh....fries....that sounds soooo good right now!" Mike said that he would go get me some and I said "REALLY!?!"

Isn't he the best! I think so!

So at 9:00 last night I had some fries and a double Oreo McFlurry! YUM!!!

Thanks Hunny!

Monday, February 18

Lil Painter

Well I decided to let Tyler "test out" his painting skills with a paint with water book this morning. Do you all remember these books?? I couldn't believe they still made them! I thought that before I broke out the real finger paints I would see how he does with the water. And to my surprise he did very well!

So careful...

He was very excited about coloring the "choo choo."

Such a cutie pie! (When he wants to be...)


Friday, February 15

3rd Trimester

Well today marks the first day of my 3rd trimester! We are in the home stretch now....and can I emphasize the word "STRETCH!"
I went to the doctor and everything is still looking good. Dr. Callison said that history usually repeats itself and I will probably be a week late again. One website compared the baby's size to a Chinese cabbage.
I don't know? This baby feels a little bigger than that to me!?!?

Tyler loves to give the baby hugs... and kisses!Tyler also went to see the doctor this week for his 2 year visit and everything is looking good for him. He thought Dr. Jeff was going to check "his baby." Too cute!
Mike and I are going to enjoy an evening out ALONE!! Our church is providing day care for "Parent's Night Out" and we are so excited! We are going to get some steak and hopefully a yummy chocolate dessert!!

We hope you all have a good weekend!


Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day

Here's a Valentine Kiss just for you!!


-Love, Tyler

Wednesday, February 13

What's all that White Stuff?

This is the second time we have seen snow in Alabama! This is the first time it has "stuck" though.
Mike said there was ice on his truck this morning, but when I went out I only saw snow. Good thing because I think we left our ice scrapers in Michigan!
I took these pictures around 11am, you think the snow would have melted, but it's cold out there!!
Guess we won't be playing outside today, Tyler's slide is covered in snow!


Thursday, February 7

Getting Caught Up!

Well I've been trying to get caught up on some of my scrapbooking so you will be seeing a lot of old photos on my pages in the next few months. These are from 4th of July 2004!

I loved doing this page of my Grandparents! I think this is the best picture I have of them.
I get a scrap night with "the girls" tomorrow night! Can't wait to have some scraptime that's not interruped by a little two year old!


Monday, February 4

Play-Doh Fun

Tyler got a Play-Doh set for Christmas so we got it out a few days ago. I was a little scared that he wasn't old enough for it, but he did so well and loved it! He only tried to eat it once :).

His favorite thing was to make spaghetti, he squeezed that thing all by himself!

The minute I opened up the container the smell brought back so many memories. It was fun to share the Play-Doh experience with my own son.

Who know's maybe soon we will get out the finger paints?!?!?