Friday, February 15

3rd Trimester

Well today marks the first day of my 3rd trimester! We are in the home stretch now....and can I emphasize the word "STRETCH!"
I went to the doctor and everything is still looking good. Dr. Callison said that history usually repeats itself and I will probably be a week late again. One website compared the baby's size to a Chinese cabbage.
I don't know? This baby feels a little bigger than that to me!?!?

Tyler loves to give the baby hugs... and kisses!Tyler also went to see the doctor this week for his 2 year visit and everything is looking good for him. He thought Dr. Jeff was going to check "his baby." Too cute!
Mike and I are going to enjoy an evening out ALONE!! Our church is providing day care for "Parent's Night Out" and we are so excited! We are going to get some steak and hopefully a yummy chocolate dessert!!

We hope you all have a good weekend!



Jan said...

Gimme a break, a cabbage, My grandbaby doesn't look like a cabbage!!!

Jan said...

Bri, Can you send me the picture of him on the steps. I have to scrap that one, too cute. If I copy the one off the blog it isn't large enought to print.

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

Oh my gosh mom your to funny! Wow Bri your getting bigger and bigger! I would love to get that picture also he looks like a little model! Hid Aunt Shell taught him well. I'm going to get a big size and frame it!

amydc said...

Eat some food for us. Also enjoy the evening alone. It's so nice to have a break sometimes.