Wednesday, February 13

What's all that White Stuff?

This is the second time we have seen snow in Alabama! This is the first time it has "stuck" though.
Mike said there was ice on his truck this morning, but when I went out I only saw snow. Good thing because I think we left our ice scrapers in Michigan!
I took these pictures around 11am, you think the snow would have melted, but it's cold out there!!
Guess we won't be playing outside today, Tyler's slide is covered in snow!



Unknown said...

You should see all the snow we got! I'll get some photos up soon...I just posted some of some cards I made...check them out...tell me what you think.

Jan said...

Poor babies!!

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

Haha that is cute! We've been having bad storms here, even a few tornados!! Crazy weather

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

I just saw the pages of Coco! Oh my gosh so cute! I can't belive he went on the tube!

Unknown said...

hey thanks for that flight info...will check into that for sure...hard to believe your time is almost here for that little one to pop out! Are you ready for the big day? What does Ty think of your big belly?:) Well I need to finish doing my packing...leaving tomorrow sometime for Ohio to visit my parents for the weekend...should be fun, and since it's my b-day weekend it will be even more fun...going to get my hair all chopped off! How excitting...:) Isn't it funny how excitting the stupidest things we do or places we go we mommy's find so excitting! haha:):) Like going to the dentist alone with no kids for one hour! How relaxing that is! The dentist thinks i'm nuts, but I call it Heaven! haha:)
Happy Valentines! Later,

~Telah said...

LOL! Now you are starting to act like one of us Alabamians. Would you ever have taken pictures of this much snow when you were in Michigan?! :)