Thursday, January 20

Tyler’s 5th Birthday Party

I can’t believe it!!! My baby boy is 5 years old!! Where did the time go?

We had a birthday party for him last week at the indoor playground at church. Perfect place for a winter party! Especially since we still had 6 inches of snow on the ground! Tyler told me he wanted a “Batman birthday.”


The Birthday Boy


We went real simple with the d├ęcor this year.


I made some cupcakes with yellow and blue frosting and used batman picks.


Of course we had to have some batman plates.


And the Batman sign!



Favors were Batman bands for the boys, and My Little Pony for the girls.


Schools had been closed all that week because of the snow so we were all very excited to get out and play and visit with friends!

13-Tyler's party-2

The cake was AWESOME!! Jordan made Tyler a special Batman ice cream cake!



Tyler loved it and it was SO yummy!!

13-Tyler's party-1

His friends picked out some fun presents for him too!

13-Tyler's party

Tyler had so much fun! Thank you for making his 5th birthday a special one!


Wednesday, January 5

Photo Shoot: Tyler & Kalen

So I realized that I never shared these pictures of Tyler and Kalen. After the Bright Light’s Christmas party we walked over to the Prayer Garden (my favorite place to take pictures) and we did a quick photo shoot (only 15 mins) since they were dressed all cute! I wanted some pictures to frame for the Grandparents and I got a lot of cute ones!

The first picture I took and my absolute favorite!!!


Can’t decide if I like it in B&W better.


Handsome little man.


Pretty little girl!



They are growing up way too fast!





Tyler being…ummm…Tyler! Silly boy!


Contrast to Tyler being serious!


These next three are just too funny.


I said, “How sweet, why don’t you give each other a kiss…”




Tyler came up with most of the ideas on where to take the pictures! He was such a good little helper. As we were walking out he said, “Wait Mommy, one right here too by the lamp post!”


I am so happy I got a bunch of the two of them together.

Tuesday, January 4


So on Christmas day we got snow! A LOT of snow!! Like 4 inches of snow! Crazy!!! Tyler wanted to play outside more than he did with all his new toys! So after we got all the presents open and ate Christmas dinner (lunch) we finally got to play in the snow.

This little boy was SO excited!



Kalen liked the snow a lot better this year than last year!


Tyler made lots and lots of snowballs!


And threw them all at Daddy.


Mom stayed safely behind the camera. Ha!


Kalen is such a little cutie!



Here is our HUGE snowman! It took him 6 days to melt. Smile



Having snow on Christmas day made things a little more exciting! They were just calling for flurries and the snow had not started while Mike was out delivering the paper, so we were all surprised at how much it snowed! It was a beautiful White Christmas!