Wednesday, December 8

Christmas Activities in Full Swing

The Christmas season and activities seemed to start as soon as Thanksgiving was over! With Tyler and Kalen getting older there is just so much for them to do. We are enjoying the activities though. I am going to try and catch you up on what we have been doing.

First we had our Bright Light’s Christmas Party. Here are all the children practicing their singing for the senior luncheon.


And Little Miss Kalen.


Since Tyler is in pre-school this year, I didn’t let him go on stage. I thought we would just let it be special for Kalen, plus he has plenty of activities to be a part of at school. So I gave him a job to keep him happy! Smile  He got to have my old camera and be the photographer!


Then it was time to sing! Can you find Kalen?


Yeah, me neither! She was hiding and actually came off the stage at one point. I did get this one when I did spot her in the lower left.


On Saturday our church did something new, The Bethlehem Breakfast. It was for pre-school age children. Tyler and Kalen LOVED it!


There were people dressed up as Mary, Joseph, a Shepard, and 3 Kings. They went around one by one and stopped to tell us the story of Jesus and give out special treats!


It was a great start to the Christmas season keeping the true meaning of Christmas in focus!


Then today at school Tyler had a Shepard’s walk. He got to dress up as a little Shepard boy!


They got to hear the story of Jesus’ birth.


Kalen didn’t want to be left out! She brought her lamb too.


We hope you all are having a great Christmas season so far!!


Michelle Karr said...

How sweet! My niece played baby Jesus at the preschool today. :) My sister was Mary; she is a daycare teacher there.

Chris, Kristin, and Emily said...

i have so loved seeing everyone's christmas programs photos and pictures! sweet memories!