Tuesday, June 30


We are getting packed, almost ready to go!IMG_7344 Kalen’s a big help!!IMG_7345I think she’s trying to tell me that all the Grandparents want to see is her and Tyler.IMG_7347Get ready Michigan, here we come!!

Monday, June 29

A Scrappy Post

I haven’t shared many scrapbooking pages lately, so I just wanted to show you some of my favorites I have made recently!sweet kisseshelloBaby Bluesbabyblues-detail1 Farmer boyluckyinloveAll Boy-1 Father&Son my girl you're turn my manIlovebugs There are more, but I didn’t want to go overboard :). If you want to see all the pages I have done, click on the slideshow to the right and you will go to my Picasa page. Or you could click here!

Wednesday, June 24

Busy, busy, busy

We are on the go here, constantly doing something! This week is Vacation Bible School at church and I am teaching the 2 year olds. I have helped out with VBS before, but this is my first time teaching, and I have been loving it! Tyler and Kalen love it too! Kalen is asleep just after we get out of the parking lot so I know that they are keeping her busy!

It just seems like June has flown by! We have been swimming, going to the movies, to book club, and boating. Next week will probably slow down for a little bit, but at the end of the week the kids and I are going on a road trip to Michigan!

I just wanted to let you know a little bit of what is going on here with us, and since I can’t have a post without pictures, here are some I took of Kalen at the beginning of the month in the backyard.

IMG_6442bThese next two crack me up! I love all her silly faces!IMG_6455aIMG_6504a  And these last two are “classic Kalen,” mouth wide open!IMG_6533aIMG_6521c Hope your summer is off to a great start!!

Tuesday, June 9

Tackle me!

One of Tyler’s favorite activities these days is playing football with daddy, or should I say playing tackle!IMG_5776IMG_5777IMG_5778And there are times when Tyler tackles daddy too!IMG_5783IMG_5784 Then Tyler handed Kalen the ball and I said, “Aww, how sweet.”IMG_5794 Then I realized he just did that so he could tackle her!IMG_5795 IMG_5798 IMG_5800  DADDY TO THE RESCUE!IMG_5802 “My Hero!”IMG_5804 Coco tried stealing the ball!IMG_5805 Yeah, he got tackled too!IMG_5808This is just one of the many fun summer activities that we have been enjoying! I’ll share more soon!