Friday, April 25

38 Weeks!

Well here I am 38 weeks pregnant! This pregnancy has gone by so fast, I guess that's what having a busy two year old will do for you! Tyler isn't as excited about my baby belly as he used to be. I think he wonders if there really is a baby in there. I tell him the baby is going to come out soon and sometimes he gets excited and then other times he just says NO!

My doctor's appointment went well this morning. Still the same as last week though (1 1/2cm), so no exciting news to report. I thought for sure after all those contractions I would be a little further along. That's okay, we don't want to have this baby too first round of help doesn't arrive till the 18th!

Sometimes I still find myself trying to grasp that I'm married and have a son. Now I can't believe that in just a couple short weeks we are going to have another little one around. I'm so thankful for the family that the Lord has blessed me with!
Mike is going to a Men's Retreat with our church tonight. They are going to be camping out under the stars. Tyler and I have plans to stay at the Elmore's while Mike is gone, just in case I go into labor. This will be Tyler's first sleepover at a friends house (even if mom is chaperoning)! We are excited! Jamie and I are even going to try and get some scrapping in after the kids are asleep!

My sister, Meagan, will be coming in town Saturday for a couple of days. We are looking forward to that! Tyler hasn't seen Aunt Meagan since Thanksgiving!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 24

Fun at the Park

This whole week the weather has just been beautiful and Tyler has been able to play outside a lot! Yesterday Tyler and I met daddy at the park after work.
Tyler loves going down the slide.
It was so hot out, that Tyler had to stop for water after each slide down.
Then Daddy pushed him on the swing. He kept saying, "Daaaddd....pppuuuusshh," and laughing after each time. Daddy pushes a little higher than Mom usually does!
He needed more water after that!
Mike had a soccer game afterwards and Tyler and I were going to try and go watch, but it was too hot for me (and baby) so we went home to the air conditioning.

In other news things are moving along with this pregnancy. I had a little bit of a false alarm this past weekend. It didn't include going to the hospital, but I think this baby was letting me know that he/she could be here anytime! So I've been busy getting things done around the house all week! I think the nesting has finally set in. I go to the Doctor tomorrow so we will see how things are going.

We also are getting closer to picking out a boys name, I don't want to tell you yet because it's still not definite. And the girls name....well we are still "debating" that!


Friday, April 18

37 Weeks and Still No Name!

Well today marks 37 weeks pregnant! The baby could safely be here at any time. I had a doctor's appointment this morning and things went very well. I am 1 1/2 cm dilated! This is good progress for me. With Tyler I went to the doctor a week overdue and still was still not dilating. I know that things could still be a ways off, but it is still exciting to realize that we are getting closer to meeting this new baby!

If this baby comes too soon though, it may not have a name!! Mike and I have still been going back and forth on names. We do have a girls name picked out, but are having a hard time agreeing on the spelling. And we are not having much luck with boys names. So now I am going to ask for your help.

2 things:

1. Which spelling do you like better for our girl name.
Kallen, Kallyn, or Kalen
We are pronouncing it Kal - en not Kay - len. The middle name will be Elizabeth.

2. Give us some suggestions for boys names. We need both a first and middle name.

So even if you read our blog and don't comment much, please leave us a comment and help us out! We may just have to bring the baby name book with us to the hospital!


Thursday, April 17

Scrap Pages and a Book

Well I was finally able to get into my scrap room for a little bit yesterday. Here are a couple of the ones I finished.
(I know your thinking, Mike's not 26! Yeah, I'm a little behind, but I'm getting there...)
And Making Memories has been doing giveaways all week of their new book:
And yesterday I won a copy! How exciting! This couldn't come at a better time! I know I will get it and want to redecorate the nursery. Can't wait to see all the neat ideas!


Thursday, April 10

Beach Photos

Here are some of the pictures I took from the beach when we were in Florida. This beach, Dubois Park, was so neat because it was right off the inlet and water came into a little bay area. The water was so low and the kids could walk through most of it . It made it easier for us mom's not to worry about them going under so much.
We went with Jessica and Calvin and another couple that they are friends with. They have a little girl named Izzy that is about 6 months younger than Tyler. They got along so well. We put them in a little blow up boat and took them out towards the inlet to watch the boats coming in and out from the ocean.

Tyler loved the beach, and I liked that it wasn't your typical windy, wavy beach.

Monday, April 7

My Little Swimmer

After this past week in Florida I think it's safe to say that Tyler's a little swimmer! He absolutely loved Grandma's pool!
He actually went into the pool the second he walked into Grandma's house. Before we were even done saying hello to everyone, Tyler was checking out the pool. The cover was still on it and he thought that it was something to walk on. There goes Tyler, into the pool with all his clothes on. Grandpa Bob was real close by and as soon as I heard the splash I looked over and saw him saving Tyler! With the cover on he kinda floated down, and his head didn't make it under. After that he was a little more careful around the pool, and we all made sure he didn't leave our sight.
I got him some little water wings and wasn't too sure how he would do with them since the packaging said age 3 and up, but he did really well.
At times he was swimming all by himself keeping his head up and kicking his feet. I loved watching him figure out how to keep his balance and swim.
Tyler and Aunt Jess.
He didn't mind going under the water either. You can see in this picture he is smiling when I'm lifting him out of the water. Then the minute he got a breath he started saying "one, two, three!" for me to do it again!
He even got a little daring and was jumping from the side of the pool to the noodle. He had to hold one of my hands though, but I didn't pull him or anything, he jumped all on his own!
I think he may have gotten mommy's swimmer genes! With his personality I wouldn't be surprised if he turned into a sprinter! Look out Gary Hall Jr!

Thursday, April 3

99 and Counting!

Tyler and I got home from Florida on Tuesday afternoon. We went down there for my Great Grandmother's 99th birthday party! That's right, I said my Great Grandmother, that would be Tyler's Great Great Grandmother! We had all 5 generations there! Here is a picture with my dad, my sister and her husband, and Tyler and I.
At 99 she is still as sharp as a tack and you can easily talk to her. She is still walking and does a lot for herself at home. I am still amazed by her and pray that at that age I will be able to do the things that she is able to.
So now that we are home from being away for 5 days I've been catching up. Laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning up, and trying to get some rest in between. Now I just have to find the time to get my scrap stuff together, tomorrow night is Scrap Night!

I took a lot of pictures while were in Florida so I will be updating with more soon!