Thursday, April 24

Fun at the Park

This whole week the weather has just been beautiful and Tyler has been able to play outside a lot! Yesterday Tyler and I met daddy at the park after work.
Tyler loves going down the slide.
It was so hot out, that Tyler had to stop for water after each slide down.
Then Daddy pushed him on the swing. He kept saying, "Daaaddd....pppuuuusshh," and laughing after each time. Daddy pushes a little higher than Mom usually does!
He needed more water after that!
Mike had a soccer game afterwards and Tyler and I were going to try and go watch, but it was too hot for me (and baby) so we went home to the air conditioning.

In other news things are moving along with this pregnancy. I had a little bit of a false alarm this past weekend. It didn't include going to the hospital, but I think this baby was letting me know that he/she could be here anytime! So I've been busy getting things done around the house all week! I think the nesting has finally set in. I go to the Doctor tomorrow so we will see how things are going.

We also are getting closer to picking out a boys name, I don't want to tell you yet because it's still not definite. And the girls name....well we are still "debating" that!



Leah said...

Those are some really good pictures!

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

Great pictures! So cute can't wait to hear how the appointment goes. Love you!!

Kimberly said...

Looks like u had alot of fun playing at the park. Let us know when the baby wishes for your family..hope everything goes well for your delivery(hope it goes fast for ya!)Have a super great Friday!

Jan said...

Great pics. Wish we were having really warm weather. Suppose to get cold again this weekend. Don't work to hard around the house.

amydc said...

I LOVE the close up pic of Tyler drinking his water. Too cute!