Monday, April 7

My Little Swimmer

After this past week in Florida I think it's safe to say that Tyler's a little swimmer! He absolutely loved Grandma's pool!
He actually went into the pool the second he walked into Grandma's house. Before we were even done saying hello to everyone, Tyler was checking out the pool. The cover was still on it and he thought that it was something to walk on. There goes Tyler, into the pool with all his clothes on. Grandpa Bob was real close by and as soon as I heard the splash I looked over and saw him saving Tyler! With the cover on he kinda floated down, and his head didn't make it under. After that he was a little more careful around the pool, and we all made sure he didn't leave our sight.
I got him some little water wings and wasn't too sure how he would do with them since the packaging said age 3 and up, but he did really well.
At times he was swimming all by himself keeping his head up and kicking his feet. I loved watching him figure out how to keep his balance and swim.
Tyler and Aunt Jess.
He didn't mind going under the water either. You can see in this picture he is smiling when I'm lifting him out of the water. Then the minute he got a breath he started saying "one, two, three!" for me to do it again!
He even got a little daring and was jumping from the side of the pool to the noodle. He had to hold one of my hands though, but I didn't pull him or anything, he jumped all on his own!
I think he may have gotten mommy's swimmer genes! With his personality I wouldn't be surprised if he turned into a sprinter! Look out Gary Hall Jr!


Jamie said...

Love all the swimming pictures! I am so jealous. I cannot wait for warm weather.

~Telah said...

Oh I bet that gave you a little scare...Alex did that to me last summer. He looks like he's gonna be a great swimmer.

amydc said...

The pics are presh. I love his little belly. His is brave. I am so scared for Audrey to even take lessons.

amydc said...
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amydc said...

The deleted comment was me. My comp. went bezerk for a sec & I accidentally posted twice. Sorry.

Kimberly said...

Love all the pics...can't wait for summer! Have a great week!

Jan said...

Bri at his age you were jumping into the deep end with your dad and going all the way to the bottom. Yes its in his blood!!

Leah said...

oh wow, that makes my stomach flip to hear about him falling in.

He looks like he loves it! Great pictures!

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

Oh my that was a fun day! I haven't laughed that much in a long time!!! TOUGH GUY!!!