Thursday, April 10

Beach Photos

Here are some of the pictures I took from the beach when we were in Florida. This beach, Dubois Park, was so neat because it was right off the inlet and water came into a little bay area. The water was so low and the kids could walk through most of it . It made it easier for us mom's not to worry about them going under so much.
We went with Jessica and Calvin and another couple that they are friends with. They have a little girl named Izzy that is about 6 months younger than Tyler. They got along so well. We put them in a little blow up boat and took them out towards the inlet to watch the boats coming in and out from the ocean.

Tyler loved the beach, and I liked that it wasn't your typical windy, wavy beach.


Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

Love the pictures! We had such a great time with you when u where here! I was just talking to Katie about Tyler telling boomer no when he was in my car! So funny Love you guys soooo much can't wait to come and see you again!

Leah said...

so cute! And I LOVE that hat he's got on!

amydc said...

He looks sweet Brianna. He still has that little baby face. He's rocking that hat!

Tracy said...

Looks like you guys had fun. I really like the picture that you changed the color on. I made that my desktop background at work.
Something tells me he loves the water!

~Telah said...

So neat. Wish we had a beach that was close to here. I too love his hat.

Jamie said...

Ok, so how far behind on blog reading am I? :)

Such great beach pictures. That sounds like such a neat place.