Friday, April 18

37 Weeks and Still No Name!

Well today marks 37 weeks pregnant! The baby could safely be here at any time. I had a doctor's appointment this morning and things went very well. I am 1 1/2 cm dilated! This is good progress for me. With Tyler I went to the doctor a week overdue and still was still not dilating. I know that things could still be a ways off, but it is still exciting to realize that we are getting closer to meeting this new baby!

If this baby comes too soon though, it may not have a name!! Mike and I have still been going back and forth on names. We do have a girls name picked out, but are having a hard time agreeing on the spelling. And we are not having much luck with boys names. So now I am going to ask for your help.

2 things:

1. Which spelling do you like better for our girl name.
Kallen, Kallyn, or Kalen
We are pronouncing it Kal - en not Kay - len. The middle name will be Elizabeth.

2. Give us some suggestions for boys names. We need both a first and middle name.

So even if you read our blog and don't comment much, please leave us a comment and help us out! We may just have to bring the baby name book with us to the hospital!



amydc said...

Love the name btw!
I would not go with the Kallyn spelling b/c to me, it would make people pronounce the 'lynn' sound which is not what you are going for.
I'm not sure about 1 or 2 L's.
2 might make the 'lynn' more pronounced also. I don't know Bri.
Why is it so hard to name a baby?

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

Well I think Kalen the way it is pronounced. For a boy name I don't know! I'll start thinking. It's cool that your moving along well!

~Telah said...

Congrats on the dilation! I can't wait to see your little one.

Jamie said...

I cannot beleve that you are less than 3 weeks away. So exciting! I like the way Kallyn looks but I agree with Amy that it might make the "lynn" come out stronger. I used to babysit a little girl and that was her name. Callin is how she spelled it.

Tracy said...

Nice job on the scrapbook page. You're moving right along. Interesting to see what a difference a few years make. Forgot what Mike looked like with a beard.