Monday, December 21

Southern Snow

On the first Saturday of this month we got about an inch of snow overnight! Tyler was so excited when he woke up and saw it outside his window! He kept telling Kalen about the snow since she couldn’t remember it earlier this year. We got all bundled up and went outside to play.IMG_9936 Here is Kalen’s first look at the snow.IMG_9943Tyler and Daddy had fun throwing snowballs at each other.IMG_9955And Coco and Bailey enjoyed playing in the snow again.IMG_0036  Coco loves shaking and eating the snowballs.IMG_9954 I think they are wondering when the rest of the snow is coming though? This is Bailey buried in the snow when we lived in Michigan.DSCF0002 She had to hop like a little bunny to get out.bailey I like the Southern snowstorms a lot better though! It’s gone by 11am :)

Kalen wasn’t too thrilled with the snow.IMG_9987 Especially since she couldn’t walk in it and fell.IMG_9972I love this face she gave me, tears and all!IMG_0002 We did get a couple smiles out of her though.IMG_9958IMG_0024Tyler made a little snowman.IMG_9984 Then he had to smash it with a baseball bat.IMG_9990 Which gave Daddy a great idea!IMG_0006IMG_0007IMG_0008 That was cool Daddy, do it again!IMG_0028 IMG_0029 IMG_0031 IMG_0032 Then after about 20 minutes the kids and Mommy were crying that it was too cold and we had to go in!

Daddy was in his element though, I think he would have stayed out all morning!IMG_0040


Jan said...

Just don't let them slide down a hilly street in the snow........