Friday, December 18

Catching Up

Can it really be that I haven’t updated this blog in almost a month!!! We have been so busy with all the Holiday activities! I have decided to give a lot of handmade Christmas gifts this year, so that has taken up a lot of my time. Yesterday I sent out two boxes to Michigan, so now I’m feeling a little bit more relaxed. There are a few things that I need to get done before my sister, brother in law, and grandmother get here on Christmas morning, but that can wait.

So I am going to try and catch you up on what’s been going on this past month in the next few blog posts.

First off, Thanksgiving. Mike’s parents and my sister, Meagan, came down from Michigan to spend Thanksgiving with us this year!

Grandpa and Grandma brought Tyler a new bike!DSC_0097 He loved it and wanted to ride it all weekend!!

We had Thanksgiving dinner at our house, Dad brought the turkey and I provided everything else.IMG_9699 I thought it was going to be more stressful, but it wasn’t and I really enjoyed hosting.IMG_9700aIMG_9702 We got a few pictures with Aunt Meagan, since she was leaving in the morning.IMG_9711a Don’t ya just love my kid’s smiles?IMG_9713a IMG_9716a And I had to get one with my little sis too!IMG_9720a Saturday morning was beautiful and we went up to Green Mountain for a hike around the lake.IMG_9752My favorite picture, the kids are watching the ducks.IMG_9776a IMG_9782 IMG_9787IMG_9796a IMG_9805a IMG_9829a And our attempt at getting a picture with Grandpa and Grandma.IMG_9858a We probably should have done it at the beginning of the hike, when the kids were still happy. They had to go home later that afternoon! We are so glad that they came to visit, and the kids enjoyed getting spoiled for a few days!


Jamie said...

Love all the Thanksgiving pictures. I cannot believe you stuck your children in a well. :)