Saturday, December 19

Preschool Christmas Party

Bright Lights, our homeschool preschool group, had their Christmas party at the beginning of this month. We have our party the same day as the church has the Homebound Christmas party so we can sing to them.

First we lined the halls so we could sing Christmas carols as the Homebound guests arrived.IMG_9888 Tyler played his drum and Kalen rang her bell.IMG_9894They really enjoyed singing to everyone as they passed by.IMG_9895   Then the kids had their big debut!IMG_9908 They got up on stage to sing for all the guests!IMG_9913First was Little Drummer Boy and they all played their drums. IMG_9914 Then they sang Angels We Have Heard on High, Away in a Manger, and Go Tell It On the Mountain.IMG_9915  As you can tell by these pictures, Tyler was all over the place!! He got down off the stage twice and tried to grab the microphone a couple times too! Some of the older kids read bible verses and Tyler decided that he wanted to also. I’m thankful for the sound techs in the back!! They knew just when to silence the microphones! Ha!IMG_9917Kalen stayed in her stroller during the performance. Good thing too, I didn’t need to chase two kids around!

Then we went upstairs for some lunch and fellowship with our friends!IMG_9892  Did you notice Kalen’s cute little Christmas tree shirt? I made it for her! It is so fun having a Cricut and a sewing machine! Here are some close ups.IMG_9872IMG_9869 Super cute! I will definitely be making things like this more often!


Leah said...

Ok, I gotta know how you made the shirt! Was it as simple as cutting the tree out with your cricut and then sewing the piece onto the onesie?
Looks great!

Chris, Kristin, and Emily said...

her shirt is adorable! great idea! looks like the singing was a hit for everyone...maybe tyler is the next steven curtis chapman since he loves the mic! :)