Thursday, December 24

Family Photo

On Sunday while we were all dressed up for church we took the opportunity to set up the tripod to take a family picture.IMG_0163a And one of the kids by the Christmas tree.IMG_0172a We are getting so excited for Christmas!! Tyler is really starting the grasp the true meaning of it all. Mike and I are enjoying to be able to re-tell the Christmas story and experience it through his eyes! Tyler is learning that Christmas is all about Jesus and what he has done for us. We are teaching him that giving each other gifts is a symbol of God’s gift to us. Cute story: We were driving down the road the other day and Tyler said, “Look Mommy, all these people decorated for Jesus’ birthday.” It is so fun to see his excitement as we count down the days till Jesus’ birthday, CHRISTmas!

We are looking forward to the Christmas Eve service at Church tonight, then for Grandma Kloote, Uncle Calvin, Aunt Jess, and Boomer's arrival in the morning!

Happy Christmas Eve!