Tuesday, March 3

Snow storm

Did you hear about our snow storm we had over the weekend?? Sunday morning we woke up to this:

IMG_3648 That’s a lot of snow for Alabama!!

Tyler and Daddy wanted to play for a little bit in it.


Snowball fight!


  Oh no, he got me!


Tyler almost got Daddy!


Wow! He almost got me too! See the snowball??

IMG_3649Well we had fun while it lasted! After we got out of church the snow was all melted! Kalen did not play in the snow, she went straight in the car with blankets all over her, I didn’t want her getting cold!   It’s still windy and FREEZING, but we haven’t had anymore snow.


Jenn said...

Compare your snow pics with the last snow pics I posted on my blog and then we will talk about who's really freezing!!! lol...

Jamie said...

So glad it is not cold anymore. I am loving summer. :)